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How to Evaluate Contractors’ HVAC Replacement Quotes

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Replacing the HVAC system in your Carrollton, TX, home calls for you to hire a professional HVAC company for the job. Before you hire a professional HVAC company, use the following tips to evaluate the HVAC replacement quotes that you receive.

Know the Difference Between an Estimate and a Quote

It is critical that you know the difference between an HVAC replacement estimate and quote. An estimate is a contractor’s rough idea of what the project will cost you. It is based on his or her prior experience and expertise, and it could cost between 10 to 15 percent higher or lower than the estimated price.

A quote, also known as a bid, is a detailed document of what the project will actually cost. It becomes a binding contract between you and the HVAC contractors once you sign it.

Evaluate the Need for Financing

The quote that you get from your HVAC contractor in Carrollton, TX should also help you decide if you need to finance the project or if you can save money for it. If the replacement stems from an emergency with your HVAC system, you may not have time to save for it, however. Instead, you may need to take advantage of finance opportunities with the replacement service or from state-based programs like the Property Assessed Clean Energy or PACE program.

Know About Factors That Lead to a Higher Bid

You need to also know about factors that can lead to a higher bid, such as:

  • The name or brand of the contracting service
  • Overhead costs for the project
  • Home size and size of the HVAC unit needed

These details can lead to the quote being higher than anticipated.

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