What is an Air Scrubber?

What is an Air Scrubber

Did you know that according to the Environmental Protection Agency, airborne pollutants in the home can be up to 5 times more dangerous than the air outdoors? Odds are, if you don’t have an air cleaning device like an Air Scrubber, you’re breathing in contaminated air every day without even realizing it. Indoor air pollution […]

What Kind of Air Filter Do I Need?

What Type of Air Filter Do I Need

Choosing the right air filter based on your needs is vital, as not all filters are built the same. The cost of the filter is something you will also want to consider. Speaking with an HVAC professional before deciding which filter to purchase would be a wise decision.   Making the decision of whether you want […]

How Often To Replace Air Filter

How Often To Replace Air Filter

Though its importance in your heating and cooling system is often overlooked, your air filter is an essential component of your HVAC system. That’s why it’s important to regularly check your air filters and change them when necessary. Generally, to keep your HVAC system energy efficient and to keep your indoor air quality up, most […]

Why HVAC Systems Have Air Filters

Someone inserting an air filter into an HVAC system

Your HVAC air filter, although arguably one of the simplest parts of your HVAC system, is also one of the most important. Its primary function is to keep the HVAC system clean and free of damage, but it also plays a part in your indoor air quality. Here’s why your air filter is so important […]

A Guide to Choosing the Best Air Filter for Your Home

Air Conditioning and Heating Filter

The air filter in your HVAC system is crucial for keeping it running optimally. While you may know how important it is to change your air conditioner filter on a regular basis, you may not know everything there is to picking the right air filter. Here is a guide to help you find the perfect […]

Things You Should Know About Air Filters

Air Conditioning and Heating

HVAC filters fill two invaluable roles: preventing dust and other particulates from accumulating in your air handler and cleaning the air as it recirculates through your home. A clogged filter will reduce the volume of air that can pass through the system, which means that your system will have to run longer to provide the same amount […]

Prevent Air Conditioning Replacement by Changing Your Filters

Lex Air

One of the most important maintenance steps that a homeowner must take is routinely changing out their air conditioning filters. Most homeowners understand that changing your air conditioning filters helps to reduce the likelihood of requiring an air conditioning repair service or air conditioner replacement. How Often Should You Change Filters? The frequency with which […]