DIY vs. Professional Plumbing Repairs: When to Call a Pro

DIY vs. Professional Plumbing Repairs

When dealing with plumbing issues or embarking on renovation projects, homeowners have to decide whether or not they want professional help with their home’s plumbing system. While master plumbers can complete just about any plumbing project, they can cost a pretty penny. On the other hand, DIY plumbing projects can very quickly go awry, which […]

Understanding Hard Water Issues and How to Address Them

Hard Water Issues and How to Address Them

Hard water is a common concern that affects homes across Carrollton, TX. But what exactly is hard water? Simply put, hard water contains high levels of minerals, primarily calcium and magnesium. While these minerals do not harm your health, they can wreak havoc on your plumbing system, appliances, and daily routines.  With Lex Air plumbing […]

Signs You Need Professional Drain Cleaning

Signs You Need Professional Drain Cleaning

Most homeowners know the feeling of watching a sink slowly fill up with water, even though the drain is wide open. Drain clogs are a universal woe that always seem to strike at the most inconvenient times.  A slow drain is just one of the many signs you have a drain blockage, and while chemicals […]