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Clogged Toilet Repair in Carrollton, TX

Clogged Toilet Repair Service in Carrollton, TX and the Surrounding Dallas-Fort Worth Area

Dealing with a clogged toilet can be a major inconvenience and a hassle for homeowners. If your toilet is clogged and you don’t know what to do, don’t fret! Call the skilled plumbers at Lex Air Conditioning and Heating. With vast experience in plumbing repair and maintenance, we understand the urgency of addressing toilet issues before they escalate. We provide a wide range of plumbing services to the residents of Carrollton, TX, and beyond. Call us at (972) 217-8955 and schedule our services today!

Clogged Toilet Repair

Clogged toilet? Our professional plumbers at Lex Air can provide quick and efficient repair services. Give us a call at (972) 217-8955 today.

What Causes a Clogged Toilet?

A toilet can become clogged for a variety of reasons, often stemming from what gets flushed down. Structural issues within the plumbing system, such as bends and curves in the drain pipe, can also contribute to frequent clogs. Additionally, a malfunctioning tank that doesn’t fill or flush properly can also exacerbate clogging issues.

Excessive use of toilet paper or flushing non-flushable items such as baby wipes, sanitary products, or even thick paper towels can easily lead to blockages. In households with children, toys or other unexpected items often find their way into the toilet, resulting in obstructions. It’s essential to be cautious about what goes down the toilet and to ensure the plumbing system is regularly maintained to prevent such problems.

What To Do If Your Toilet is Clogged

If you find yourself with a clogged toilet, you can take a few steps before calling for professional help:

  • Plunger: A good old-fashioned plunger can often dislodge the blockage.
  • Drain Cleaning Solutions: Some mild drain cleaning solutions can help break down the clog. However, be cautious about using harsh chemicals as they can damage your plumbing system.
  • Check the Toilet Tank: If the toilet tank isn’t filling up or is slow to fill, you might have a running toilet issue. This can often be fixed by adjusting the flapper or float.
  • Avoid Flushing: Until the issue is resolved, avoid flushing to prevent overflow or further plumbing problems.
Toilet Clog Removal in Carrollton

Signs You May Need Professional Toilet Repair

While some clogs can be fixed with DIY methods, others may hint at deeper plumbing issues. These include:

  • Persistent clogs
  • Constant running 
  • Unusual noises
  • Water leaks

Persistent clogs in a toilet can be more than just a minor inconvenience; they can signal underlying plumbing issues that require professional attention. Similarly, a toilet that runs constantly might indicate a malfunction within the internal mechanisms or an issue with the flapper or fill valve, leading to wasted water and an increase in your water bill. 

Unusual or loud flushing noises, such as gurgling or bubbling, can be alarming, hinting at potential problems with the drain or even deeper within the plumbing system. Water leaks, especially those pooling around the base of the toilet, are also red flags. They may suggest a compromised seal or cracks in the toilet structure, which, if left unaddressed, can lead to extensive water damage. 

In all these cases, seeking professional plumbing repair can ensure that minor issues don’t escalate into major, costly disasters. 

How Lex Air Can Help 

Lex Air Conditioning and Heating is a family-owned business committed to delivering unparalleled plumbing solutions to the residents of Carrollton, TX. From clogged toilet repairs to new toilet installation, our experts can do it all in a quick and efficient manner so that you can enjoy the comfort of your own bathroom once again.

Toilet Installation and Clogged Toilet Repair Carrollton, TX 

If your toilet is clogged, our professional plumbers will be able to assess the situation and discover the cause of the clog. From there, they’ll be able to provide you with the service you need based on your situation. Some of these services include plunging, drain snaking, drain cleaning, drain repair, toilet repair, and toilet replacement if your old toilet can’t be repaired.

Other Carrollton Plumbing Services We Offer

In addition to toilet repair and installation services, we also offer a wide range of Carrollton plumbing services for both residential and commercial buildings. Our Lex Air professionals can provide services such as:

No matter your plumbing problem, the experts at Lex Air have got you covered.

Carrollton Clogged Toilet Repair

Clogged Toilet? Call the Carrollton Plumbing Experts at Lex Air for Emergency Toilet Repair Services

With our skilled team of professionals and state-of-the-art equipment, we are committed to ensuring that residents of Carrollton, Plano, Frisco, Dallas-Fort Worth, and beyond receive top-notch emergency plumbing service. Whether you’re installing a new toilet or dealing with a pesky clog, Lex Air Conditioning and Heating is here to help.

If you're dealing with a clogged toilet or other issues with your plumbing system, the professionals at Lex Air are here to help. Reach out to us for all your plumbing needs–call us at (972) 217-8955 or fill out our online form today!