AC Repair Lewisville, TX

Heater and AC Repair Lewisville, TX

Lex Air Conditioning and Heating offers a plethora of HVAC services to the Lewisville area, including specials and financing options, same-day heating and cooling installation, and short-notice 24-hour emergency repairs! We have served many homeowners and small businesses in Lewisville, TX, and customers from all around the Dallas metroplex area.

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Is your air quality poor? Heating unit broken? Cooling and heating costs through the roof? Call the certified technicians at Lex Air Conditioning and Heating, a top Lewisville HVAC company, at (972) 217-8955 for any of your cooling or heating repair needs!

How To Know if Your Air Conditioning Units Need Service

If you are experiencing problems with your air conditioning or heater, when do you call a professional? After all, not every heater or AC issue requires the help of a professional. We advise you to check the following on your HVAC unit to be more energy-efficient

  • Clean your Air Conditioning unit. Debris and dirt in and around your air conditioner can make it less efficient, meaning it won’t cool your home nearly as well. This will end up using significantly more electricity, too. Use a garden hose to wet the AC unit, get some professional cleaner, apply the cleaner, scrub or wipe as needed, and rinse off the unit. Be sure to turn the power off to your air conditioning system before cleaning, otherwise, you can cause damage that may require Lewisville AC repair or air conditioning replacement.
  • Check the thermostat of your AC system. You’ll want to be sure that the temperature on the air conditioner is set properly and for optimal performance with the latest technology. You also want to make sure it’s been switched from heating to cooling (as applicable). Not switching happens all the time; unfortunately, so does the feeling of embarrassment when the repair contractor hands you a bill for coming out to flip a switch. So check this in order to end up saving money and exploring all your options before calling for the heating and air conditioning professionals.
  • One of the many services we provide to assist our customers is the installation of a timer in their air conditioning system. Many homeowners make the mistake of running their air conditioning system at maximum capacity all of the time. It’s not practical to leave the unit on while you’re at work or on vacation. With our Lewisville air conditioning services, a timer is an ideal answer to this problem. It’s a thermostat, specifically, that allows you to control when an HVAC system turns on or off. Many new window air conditioners feature a programmable thermostat, making it simple to control your cooling or heating system’s timetable.
  • Check drainage tubes for obstructions. Blockages are one of the most common reasons homeowners call in professionals, yet it’s also one of the easiest things to take care of on your own. Water that pools around or below your unit almost always is because a drainage tube is blocked. Check for dirt, algae, even ice and snow. If you find something, be sure to clean or replace the tube.
  • Try protecting your condensers and compressors. The condenser and compressor of an air conditioner are normally found on the exterior of a house. Most homeowners are unaware that there should be approximately two feet of vacant space surrounding the compressor at all times. Leaves, overgrown grass, hanging branches, and plants might obstruct the compressor’s view. When there isn’t enough vacant space surrounding the condenser, the unit won’t work well, and you’ll end up paying additional or unnecessary money. As a result, double-check that nothing is obscuring your aircon unit or HVAC equipment. Our HVAC professionals also want you to know that installing a compressor in a place that receives direct sunlight can impair efficiency by 10%, so keep this in mind.
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Regular Maintenance and Annual Tune-Ups are the Solutions to Eliminate Costly and Stressful Heating and Cooling Repairs in Lewisville

We all know that living in Texas entails summer months that can reach uncomfortable extremes. This makes a properly functioning air conditioning system a necessity. In order to keep your AC system functioning properly, we recommend taking some preventative steps to avoid a breakdown and save money and energy. Having a more efficient system with preventive maintenance and repair is critical to the upkeep of your AC.  Fortunately, at Lex Air Conditioning and Heating, we are experts at providing regular tune-ups, maintenance, and AC repairs to Lewisville residents

Just as summers in Texas can reach excruciating highs, they can also reach chilling lows. As such, receiving expert heating service is just as important as receiving skilled AC services. If you want to be secure and comfortable in your house during the cold winter months, interior heating solutions such as furnaces are a must. However, all appliances, including your furnace, are susceptible to issues, such as decaying heat pumps. Regular maintenance and heating repairs are essential for getting the greatest and most dependable performance from your heating system.

Neglecting some aspects of your heater’s maintenance might lead to:

  • Heating that is not up to par.
  • Costs of energy that are unusually high.
  • Harm to the device itself.

Call Lex Air Conditioning and Heating now for emergency heater repairs and excellent service in Lewisville, TX.

More Tips for How To Maintain Your Heater Throughout the Year

It is incredibly important that you replace the filter of your air conditioning systems at least every three months. Doing so regularly will help keep your AC systems from gulping up debris and dirty air, preventing increased efficiency, and causing other major issues. Dirt can compromise your unit’s lifespan while forcing it to work harder to cool your home, resulting in a higher electric bill and likely the need for a full air conditioning replacement rather than air conditioning repair.

Once again, engaging Lex Air Conditioning and Heating to perform routine maintenance on your air conditioning unit or provide an annual AC tune-up is important and can help prevent sudden breakdowns. Our company does provide annual maintenance visits to inspect your air conditioning problems and ductwork, providing necessary and great value upkeep with high-quality service and customer satisfaction. We also fix any maintenance or minor repair issues before they become bigger problems with a professional service tech, HVAC contractor, and heater repair specialist on staff.

What’s the Best Time for an Annual HVAC Maintenance Visit?

The peak season is in Spring (April and May). This way you’ll beat the predictable summer rush, also preventing the need to shut your unit down entirely, should it present issues in June, July, and August.

Also note that our business hours are all the time! This means we can be reached 24/7 and accept service calls with last-minute notice. We also offer incredible financing options for all of your HVAC needs, including but not limited to: air conditioning repair, gas heating systems, AC/heating system tune-up, HVAC repairs, AC unit replacement, duct cleaning, parts replacement, heat pump installation, and so much more. Trust Lex Air for all of your heating and air conditioning needs in Lewisville, Texas.

Whether it’s October and you need a new heater, May and you want to schedule some annual maintenance or August and you have an AC emergency, contact top Lewisville, Texas AC repair company Lex Air for any and all heating and air services you may require..