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Fairview, TX is home to nearly 10,000 residents and 150 businesses. If there’s one thing every single resident has in common, it’s the need for a reliable HVAC system.

Texas weather is often in the extremes, and it’s not uncommon to see all four seasons in a single day, with temperatures low and cool in the early morning hours and scorching by mid-afternoon. As a homeowner or business owner, you need a system that can keep up with these temperature fluctuations. When your system breaks down, the team at Lex Air Conditioning and Heating will be there to help you.

AC Repair Fairview TX

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For nearly two decades, customers all over the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex have trusted the team at Lex Air to keep their home cool. With more than 600 customer reviews, you can trust the technicians at Lex Air to provide excellent service. Call Lex Air Conditioning and Heating at (972) 217-8955 to schedule a free estimate for heating or AC repair. 

Fairview, TX Air Conditioning Services

Air conditioners are a complex system that keeps your home at a comfortable temperature in the Texas heat. At Lex Air, our experienced team can handle all your Carrollton air conditioning service needs. From a routine air conditioning tune-up to a full system replacement, you can trust us to handle it and get your home back to providing extreme comfort. 

Air conditioning maintenance is often left up to the individual homeowner. Unfortunately, many homeowners let this aspect of maintenance fall through the cracks. It’s easy to overlook or ignore the need for maintenance if your system is performing well. Even if your air conditioning unit is performing well now, there’s no guarantee that it’ll stay that way. 

Reliable Air Conditioning Repair

Having a working air conditioning system is essential to staying comfortable in the humid and hot climate of Texas. This isn’t all you need to stay cool, though. What happens when your air conditioner fails to keep you and your family cool? You need a reliable team you can trust to make the necessary air conditioning repairs to your system. At Lex Air, our certified technicians can provide the repair service you need to stay comfortable all year round. 

While regular maintenance can catch minor issues before they turn into big problems, it can’t always catch every issue. Some common signs you may need air conditioning repair are listed below. 

  • Your air conditioning system is turning on and off frequently (short cycling)
  • A strange smell or noise is coming from your cooling system
  • Your system can’t keep up with your demands
  • Your thermostat is broken
  • Your Fairview, TX home stays humid
  • Your energy bills are significantly higher than normal

AC Installation Services 

Sometimes the best repair for your home is a new AC system installation. New systems are more energy efficient than older systems, especially systems more than 10 years old. This means a new system can keep your home cooler while using less energy, which means lower energy costs. Your system’s age isn’t the only factor that goes into a replacement. If you find yourself having to replace the same parts over and over, it may be time to consider replacing your HVAC system.  

AC Repair Fairview TX

Fairview Heating Services

With the scorching three-digit heat index of summer days, it can be hard to imagine a time when heating services are needed in Texas. Longtime residents know that the winter months in Texas can quickly take a turn for the worse. The constant temperature fluctuations can have you switching your heating and cooling systems back and forth multiple times a year. From heat pumps to gas furnaces, from tune-ups to new installations, our HVAC technicians can handle it all. 

Emergency Furnace and Heat Pump Repair

Our experienced HVAC technicians are available 24/7 to take care of the most inconvenient repairs and services. Long gone are the days of suffering through frigid nights, waiting on the dawn of a weekday to break before you can call for heating system repairs. Our heating technicians can troubleshoot your system and get to the root of the problem. 

Heating System Replacement & Installation

The need for a new heating system can be a big (and expensive) decision. Sometimes a repair job is just a band-aid for a bigger problem in your system. It can be hard to determine when your system needs to be replaced versus simply repaired. If your system is experiencing the following problems, it may be time to explore a replacement system. 

  • Age: Home comfort systems often last between 10-15 years. With the recent advances in HVAC technology, replacing your system sooner can save you money in the long run with energy efficiency.
  • Uneven heating: If your heating system fails to heat your home evenly, it may be time to explore home automation zoning. This can give you ultimate control over the climate in your home and provide custom comfort options for your family. 
  • New smells: Smells can signify major issues with your unit. A moldy/mildew smell can indicate a leak somewhere, while a burning or smoky smell can mean an electric problem. 
  • Constant repairs: If you are making the same or similar repairs to your system every year, this could be a major inconvenience and money-pit. Replacing the system with a functional unit can give you peace of mind. 

Preventive Maintenance Services for Fairview HVAC Systems

Air conditioning units often run non-stop during the warmer months in Fairview, TX. This constant energy flow can cause a lot of problems for your system if they aren’t noticed immediately. Regular HVAC maintenance can extend the life of your system and keep it running efficiently. At Lex Air, we offer full service for your systems. This includes preventative maintenance services in the form of our annual maintenance plan. Systems don’t always break down completely when they need repairs or maintenance. If you had a leak in your roof, you wouldn’t wait until the whole roof came down before getting a new one. Members of the Cool Club get many benefits and discounts, including:

  • Priority scheduling
  • No extra charges for overtime or after-hour calls
  • Two tune-ups a year (HVAC maintenance for air conditioning systems in the spring and HVAC maintenance for heating systems in the fall)
  • Discounts on labor and repair parts
  • Discount on new air conditioning system or heating system
AC Repair Fairview TX

Improve Your Fairview Home or Business’s Indoor Air Quality Today

Did you know that poor indoor air quality can pose a significant health risk to you and your family? Years of dust, pollen, bacteria, and allergens can get stuck in your duct system, circulating this dirty air throughout your home. At Lex Air, our indoor air quality specialists can help your family breathe clean air and reduce allergens in your system. 

Duct Cleaning

Many people don’t realize that their ventilation system is something that collects dust, dirt, bacteria, and other things that can harm your family. At Lex Air, we offer special duct cleaning services to make sure your ventilation system is circulating clean air. 

Air Scrubber Services

Sometimes portable air purifiers aren’t enough to cover your whole home. That’s why the Fairview, TX technicians at Lex Air are happy to provide Air Scrubber installation services. An air scrubber works with your existing HVAC system to purify the air circulating through your system. Using ultraviolet light, the air scrubbing system bonds negative ions to pollutants and bacteria in the air. As the air is pulled through your HVAC equipment, these bigger particles are caught by the filters. 

Humidity Control

Temperature isn’t the only thing that your AC unit can regulate; humidity control is also important for any Texas home or business owner. Whole-home humidifiers and dehumidifiers can create a comfortable environment in your home or business. Too much humidity in the air can be uncomfortable and cause water damage to your home. Too little humidity can cause excess static electricity and pose a fire hazard. With the experienced technicians at Lex Air, we can work with you to create the perfect home environment for you.
AC Repair Fairview TX

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