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Have you noticed that your air conditioner is not as efficient as it used to be? Perhaps your energy costs just keep going up year by year? Or maybe your air simply feels stale and stagnant lately? If any of this sounds familiar to you, you could probably use a tune-up. At Lex Air Conditioning and Heating, we offer AC tune-ups in Carrollton, Dallas, Fort Worth, Frisco, and the surrounding areas. Our air conditioning services are designed to help your HVAC system run smoothly for years to come. 

Trust a fully licensed HVAC company like Lex Air for any HVAC services you need. You can trust a service tech from our locally-owned and operated company to take care of everything from a simple AC repair to a full air conditioning replacement. Call Lex Air Conditioning and Heating at (972) 217-8955 to schedule your Carrollton, Texas AC tune-up today. 

AC Tune-Up Services in Texas

Call Lex Air Conditioning and Heating at (972) 217-8955 to schedule your AC maintenance in Carrollton, TX.

Save Money & Energy – Get Regular AC Maintenance

At Lex Air Conditioning and Heating, our certified technicians offer every tune-up service with the goal of making your system more energy-efficient. Our goal is to actually help you save money in the long run, ensuring your cooling equipment works better and lasts longer. 

Benefits of Tuning Up Air Conditioning Units

If you want to get the most out of your HVAC system, it is essential to schedule periodic tune-ups. By receiving regular maintenance, you’ll encounter many benefits. For one, you’re lengthening the life of your current system. In addition, you’re minimizing the need for emergency air conditioning repair services or installing a new air conditioning system entirely. Though inevitably, that day will come when you need a replacement, you will be able to utilize the output of your current system for much longer. What’s more, regular AC tune-ups can help you save a ton on utility bills. Preventive maintenance means more energy efficiency, and more energy efficiency means lower energy bills.

Ideally, your HVAC system should get two tune-ups a year. Your cooling system tune-up should happen in early spring (or late winter, depending on the unpredictable Texas weather) before the system comes on for the summer. The heating system should get a tune-up around mid to late fall. 

AC Tune-Up Service in Carrollton, TX

AC Tune-Ups Prevent Repairs

By catching problems before they spiral out of control, we can make necessary AC repairs before you have to get a new air conditioning system. Tune-ups are usually a flat-rate fee, but AC repairs can include labor costs, service call fees, and the price of the part. 

AC Maintenance Extends your Air Conditioning Unit’s Lifespan

An air conditioner that does not receive regular maintenance will last for 10-15 years at most, but an air conditioning system that receives annual tune-ups can last for up to 20 years. Regular maintenance means that air conditioners operate more consistently, as well. 

Air Conditioning Maintenance Can Lower Utility Bills

Regular maintenance increases the efficiency of your system, which means your system doesn’t have to work as hard to pump cool air through your home. Less work means lower energy bills and more money in your pocket. 

Indoor Air Quality

Your indoor air quality is integral to the health and safety of your family. Regular replacement of your air filters can prevent dust and bacteria from collecting in your system. Filters aren’t the only thing to worry about with your central air conditioning system. Your air ducts can hold years of pet dander, allergens, dust, and bacteria. Luckily, duct cleaning is something that the technicians at Lex Air can take care of for you. In addition to air duct cleaning, we also offer Air Scrubber installation as well as humidity control (humidifier installation and dehumidifier installation) to optimize your indoor air quality

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Become a Cool Club Member Today

Did you know that you can now get automatic, annual AC tune-ups by signing up for Lex Air Conditioning and Heating’s Cool Club? We know that scheduling air conditioning services and maintenance can be a difficult thing to remember. By becoming a Cool Club member, you can get budget-friendly, comprehensive AC tune-ups and maintenance services twice a year without having to worry about remembering to call. Members also receive special discounts on repair and equipment. Did we mention that members never have to pay overtime or after-hours charges? For reliable, fast service around the clock, sign up for our annual HVAC maintenance plan today. 

Financing Available

At Lex Air Conditioning and Heating, we are committed to making our services as affordable as possible for everyone. That’s why we provide quality specials and financing options designed to fit any homeowner’s budget. We always honor our warranties, parts, and labor. Plus, unlike with other HVAC companies, you never have to worry about whether our technicians are being honest and upfront. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with every service. 

Air Conditioning Tune-Up Services

Air Conditioner Tune-Up FAQ

An AC tune-up is a detailed inspection of your system. Your HVAC unit should receive two tune-ups a year for maximum efficiency (one for cooling, one for heating). Tune-ups are beneficial for catching minor issues before they turn into expensive repairs and ensuring your air is flowing freely year-round.

At Lex Air Conditioning and Heating, our technicians follow a thorough checklist that assesses your entire system. The checklist includes:

  • Check for worn parts
  • Check electrical connections
  • Check and tighten loose connections
  • Check drains for clogs
  • Replace dirty filters
  • Check refrigerant levels and pressure
  • Inspect ductwork
  • Other maintenance tasks
AC systems are another aspect of home maintenance that many people can take for granted. Heating and cooling systems need yearly maintenance, so we know it’s not feasible to pay out of the nose for every tune-up. We always have a special for a tune-up starting at a very reasonable price: only $79! Plus, members of our annual maintenance plan receive free maintenance visits. 

Yes! A tune-up affects your AC system in the best way. After a tune-up, your system will have more efficiency and superior performance. Your AC unit will use less energy to keep your home cool in the scorching Texas heat.

Need an HVAC Tune-Up in Texas? Call Lex Air for Superior Air Conditioning Service Today

Our Carrollton air technicians are backed by decades of experience, in addition to being fully licensed, insured, bonded, and certified for your family’s comfort and safety. Our HVAC technicians arrive promptly to every appointment and treat your home with respect. Our team is also equipped with the industry-leading tools and technology to get the job done ASAP. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with all heating and cooling services.

When you need a reliable company, a knowledgeable HVAC contractor, and fast service, remember Lex Air. We employ only the best HVAC technicians, so you know your cooling system is in good hands when you come to us for tune-up services in Carrollton, TX. Our technicians are experienced in all major systems, from central air and heating systems to heat pumps and furnaces.

We’re even available for 24/7 emergency repairs, so it’s no wonder so many customers rely on Lex Air Conditioning and Heating for all their HVAC needs. Schedule an AC tune-up in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, and let the best service professionals in town take care of you and your family (or business) today. For AC maintenance and repair in Carrollton, TX and the surrounding areas, call (972) 217-8955 or contact us online for more information.

Call (972) 217-8955 to schedule an AC tune-up in Carrollton, or contact us online for more information.