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Installation, Maintenance, and HVAC Replacement in Coppell

Coppell, TX is a booming city in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. It is even rated the #1 best suburb to live in the Dallas-Forth Worth area! As residents of Texas, members of the Coppell community know that an unreliable air conditioner can be one of the most frustrating issues to deal with in the Texas heat. Luckily for you, you can trust Lex Air Conditioning and Heating to handle any repair job. Our HVAC service professionals can handle everything from an annual AC or heating repair to a new system installation. If you are a business owner, our highly skilled technicians can handle your commercial system just as easily.

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Despite regular maintenance, problems do happen. Lex Air Conditioning and Heating offers same day AC and heater repairs in Coppell and 24/7 service for all residents and businesses.

Repair, Maintenance, Replacements, and HVAC Installation in Coppell

At Lex Air Conditioning and Heating, we are proud to perform routine maintenance services on AC units for our customers in Coppell, TX. Regular, professional service on HVAC systems can prevent many major issues and keep your system energy efficient. 

Despite regular maintenance, however, major issues can and do happen. Luckily, Lex Air Conditioning and Heating offers same-day air conditioning and heating repair in Coppell and 24/7 service for all short notice problems. That means you won’t be waiting days in the insufferable heat or freezing cold for our heating and air conditioning services. We can come out that very night to fix your problems and keep your family comfortable. 

Some of the common HVAC services we provide here at Lex Air include:

We are a local company that puts great value on total customer satisfaction. We know the struggle of unreliable air conditioning systems, and we are here to help! Make the smart choice and call us today at 972-217-8955 to schedule an appointment, or fill out our online contact form

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DIY Tips to Keep Your Air Conditioning Unit in Great Condition

Benjamin Franklin said it best: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Read below for some tips on how to keep your AC system in great shape and your family comfortable.

Change the Air Filter Monthly

This is easy to do. Changing the filter regularly can lower the electricity your air conditioning system uses by between five and 15 percent (according to the U.S. Department of Energy). Swapping out the old filter for a new one helps keep your unit efficient because a clogged/dirty filter blocks airflow. Dirty air can get past the filter if it’s full, and it can move into the air conditioning evaporator coil. This reduces the coil’s ability to absorb heat and prevents your AC unit from blowing cold air.

Clean the Drain

Get a cap from your neighborhood hardware store and place it on the end of your AC unit’s drain. Once it’s capped, head outside to find the end of the drain and use a dry vacuum to suck dirt out. Make sure you take the cap off once you’ve vacuumed. This will prevent drain blockages that cause your air conditioning system to short cycle. Accumulated water can also cause increased humidity, which is just uncomfortable. 

Clean your Air Conditioner’s Coils

Make sure you disconnect the power to the unit first. Take a hose and wet the unit. Put on gloves and safety glasses and spray some commercial-grade AC cleaner onto the coils. Let it sit for a bit, then rinse thoroughly with the garden hose. This helps your air conditioning system keep blowing cool air throughout your home. 

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Better to Prepare Than Repair: Routine Air Conditioner and Heating Service

Imagine turning the AC on in late May or early June and finding that you have air conditioning problems. Now consider this: more than 40,000 people live in Coppell today, and 6.7 million live in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth region. This means that if even just 1 percent of air conditioners break down at the beginning of the heating season, you could be competing with 67,000 other homeowners for the attention of great repair service. So get ready to wait for repairs because other homeowners are probably already calling their Coppell AC repair company to get necessary repairs.

It won’t be easy to live here without air conditioning for a few days or even weeks while you wait for the repairman. Whether it’s October or June, the time to think about making sure your air conditioning unit is in top shape is now. The same goes for your heating system. Fortunately, we offer an annual AC tune-up and heating system tune-up for our customers. Let our service professionals help you keep your cooling and heating costs under control. 

It’s best to have an air conditioning repair service technician come to your home to do regular tune-ups on your AC unit in fall, winter, or even early spring, long before you need to cool your home. Annual tune-ups save money in the long run, as you won’t have to repair or replace your system as often and you get the benefit of increased efficiency. We also have an annual maintenance plan that includes air duct cleaning and yearly tune-ups. Don’t wait until your system is broken to start the maintenance process. 

Choose Lex Air For Your HVAC Needs

Part of being a responsible homeowner is making sure you maintain your heating and air conditioning systems. Whether it’s maintaining gas heating systems or a professional installation, our service technicians can fix you up. We value on-time service with a professional attitude. No job is too big or too small for us. Call Lex Air Conditioning & Heating today at (972) 217-8955 for superior AC repair in Coppell, TX.

Whether it’s October or June, the time to think about making sure your air conditioning unit is in top shape is now. Call Lex Air Conditioning & Heating today at (972) 217-8955 for AC repair in Coppell, TX.