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Prevent Air Conditioning Replacement by Changing Your Filters

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One of the most important maintenance steps that a homeowner must take is routinely changing out their air conditioning filters. Most homeowners understand that changing your air conditioning filters helps to reduce the likelihood of requiring an air conditioning repair service or air conditioner replacement.

How Often Should You Change Filters?

The frequency with which you need to be changing your air filters at home depends on several different factors.  Most manufacturers usually recommend that you change your filters every 30 – 60 days. However, if you own a vacation home or are a single occupant with no pets or allergies, manufacturers recommend changing your filters every 6 – 12 months.

Some of the factors that determine when your filters need to be changed include:

  • The type of air filter you use
  • Indoor air quality
  • The number of pets in the home
  • Number of people in the home

Clogged Air Leads to Air Conditioning Repair Services

If you fail to change your air conditioning filters in a timely fashion, although your AC may technically work, you can’t see the clogs that are forming in your filter, forcing your unit to work into unnecessary overtime.

Clogged air filters cause major damage to your system that not only lead to air conditioning repair, but possibly air conditioner replacement. Remember, that two of the leading causes of an HVAC unit failing is dirt and neglect. The sad thing is that these issues are completely avoidable if homeowners keep track of their AC filter changing schedule.

Save Money by Changing Filters

When your air conditioning filters are clogged and your unit has to work twice as hard to keep your house cool, it is obvious that your electricity bill is going to be higher than you would wish. A dirty filter uses more energy than a new filter and by keeping your air conditioner clean, not only do you avoid air conditioning repair, but you also could see up to 15 percent in savings on utility costs.

Everyone Loves Clean Air

The clearest advantage to changing your air filter is that the simple maintenance step promises your family cleaner, fresher, and healthier air. Clean air is always better for everyone, but this is especially true for children and the elderly that may be residing in the home.

By not cleaning out your air filters you are exposing your loved ones to a constant flow of circulated dust, dust mites, and other particles in the air that could trigger allergies and asthma attacks. Keep your air clean and keep your family healthy.

Lex Air Conditioning and Heating Helps with Repairs and Maintenance

Sometimes even though you have stayed on top of standard AC maintenance, life happens and air conditioning repair or replacement becomes a reality for your household. If your home is currently in need of air conditioning installation or repair, contact us today. Our team at Lex Air is prepared to provide you with prompt, efficient air conditioning service.

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