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Heating Tune-Ups in Carrollton, TX

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If you have noticed your heating system has not been working properly lately, that your indoor air quality seems worse, or that your heating bills have been noticeably increasing, it may be time to schedule routine maintenance for your heating unit.  

If that’s the case, trust Carrollton’s top heating and AC repair company, Lex Air Conditioning and Heating, to provide superior maintenance services for your furnace or heat pump. We are happy to offer our customers affordable heating tune-ups in Carrollton designed to increase performance, reduce costs, and keep your household comfortable year-round.

Carrollton, TX Heating System Maintenance

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Get Ready for Winter Before It Gets Here – Schedule Your Heating Tune-Up Services Today

Here in Texas, we are so accustomed to the sweltering hot air during late spring, summer, and early fall, that we tend to prioritize our air conditioning units far more than our heaters. However, it’s important that we don’t neglect our heating units. When the weather finally does drop, it can reach freezing temperatures, and you can bet in those moments that you’ll be depending on a working heater to get you through the winter. 

While a lot of homeowners assume they do not need tune-ups for their heater, the truth is that many heating systems actually require periodic maintenance to fulfill the manufacturer’s warranty. More importantly, heating tune-ups help ensure your home is ready for when the temperature drops so you never have to call for emergency service because your furnace or heat pump suddenly stopped working. Contact our experienced Carrollton heating maintenance technicians today to schedule your tune-up and stay prepared when winter finally rolls around.

The Benefits of Heater Tune-Ups

The average heating system has a lifespan of 10-15 years. However, full lifespans can only be reached with periodic maintenance and tune-ups. If your heater is not well-maintained, it may last under a decade.

In addition to premature replacements, heating maintenance also helps prevent unnecessary and frequent heating repairs. And of course, heaters that do not receive regular maintenance are not as energy-efficient, leaving behind a greater carbon footprint and drastically increasing your energy bills.

By scheduling heating tune-ups in Carrollton, TX, you may be able to enjoy:

Heating Tune-Up Services in North Texas

We Service All Makes & Models of Heaters

At Lex Air Conditioning and Heating, our heating tune-ups are designed to reduce your expenses and improve system performance. Our Carrollton heater maintenance technicians are equipped with all the industry-leading tools and technology needed to service the top makes and models of equipment on the market. Whether you have a brand new HVAC system or an older model, we can provide you with a quick and efficient heat pump or furnace tune-up. Of course, if you require more thorough furnace repair services or new heater installation instead, we can always help with that too! 

If that wasn’t enough, we offer guaranteed customer satisfaction on parts and labor, so you’re always sure to be satisfied when you hire Lex Air Conditioning and Heating for heater maintenance.

Sign Up for an Annual Maintenance Plan Today

Lex Air Conditioning and Heating knows firsthand that the biggest obstacle to remembering periodic heating and AC maintenance is simply time. We understand you have a busy schedule, and with all your other concerns, fitting in HVAC maintenance visits probably isn’t at the top of your to-do list. That’s why we are happy to introduce our Cool Club maintenance agreement.

During your Cool Club maintenance visits, our HVAC technicians will:

  • Check filters
  • Check burners
  • Check system superheat and subcooling
  • Clean air filters
  • Take voltage and amp draw measurements of compressors and fan motors
  • Ensure compressor crankcase heater is operational
  • Visually inspect AC unit for leaks (signs of gas residue, etc.)
  • Check electrical components for signs of damage (such as contactors, relays, capacitors, circuit boards, and various connections)
  • Check operation of safety controls
  • Check thermostat operation
  • Record temperature differences
  • Clean and dust as needed

Save Money – Plan Ahead for Your Heating Maintenance

By becoming a Cool Club member today, you can receive annual tune-ups without having to plan ahead in advance. We’ll come once in the springtime to tune-up your air conditioner and once in the fall to tend to your heating system, ensuring maximum efficiency on both ends. You can trust our Carrollton heating repair and maintenance technicians to complete a full analysis of your system without making a major disruption to your daily life.

By joining our Cool Club, we may even be able to catch certain problems before they spiral out of control and lead to future breakdowns, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in repair and replacement costs! Call today to sign up, and let our Cool Club keep you warm this winter.

Carrollton, TX Heating System Tune-Up

Other HVAC Services We Offer

In addition to providing heating system tune-ups in Carrollton and the surrounding areas, our team at Lex Air Conditioning and Heating also offers several other high-quality heating and air conditioning services, including:

We also are equipped to work with all types of heating and air conditioning systems on the market, including:

Our experienced HVAC technicians at Lex Air know our way around any type of heating system or air conditioning unit. When it comes to reliable heating and AC repair, Carrollton residents know we’re the ones to call.

Affordable Heating System Tune-Up Services

If you’re looking for exceptional heating maintenance and tune-ups (or heating / AC installations, heating / AC repairs, indoor air quality services, etc.) then you’ve come to the right place. At Lex Air Conditioning & Heating, our professional team of HVAC contractors is proud to serve customers all across northern TX, including Carrollton, Highland Park, Frisco, Plano, McKinney, Lucas, Parker, Flower Mound, and all surrounding service areas.

We provide emergency service day and night, so you never have to worry again about cooling or heating system hazards. Our owners are always ready to answer your questions with around-the-clock availability and will do everything in their power to address your concerns ASAP. Plus, with financing options and specials, we make it easy to get the heating service you deserve.

At Lex Air Conditioning & Heating, our expert technicians are fully-licensed and highly-trained in all things home comfort, so reach out today and find out how much better your HVAC system can be with periodic heating and AC maintenance.

To schedule a Carrollton heater maintenance appointment now, call (972) 217-8955, or send us a message online.