What is an HVAC Split System?

What is a Split HVAC System

Whether you’re sweating under the scorching Texan sun or seeking cozy warmth during the chilly winter nights, Lex Air Conditioning and Heating has the solution to keep your indoor climate just right.  We understand the importance of comfort and energy efficiency, which is why we’re diving deep into HVAC split systems. HVAC split systems have […]

Is it Bad if Auxiliary Heat Comes On?

What is Aux Heat

Have you ever looked at your digital thermostat and seen the words “Aux Heat” on the screen? Aux heat refers to your heating system’s auxiliary heat, which is used to help quickly raise the temperature in your home to the set thermostat temperature.  But what exactly is aux heat, and how does it work? Is […]

Texas Heat Pump Tax Incentives & Rebates

There are some exciting money-saving programs available for Texas homeowners looking to upgrade their current HVAC system to a new more energy-efficient heat pump in 2023. Updates to the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) further incentivize homeowners to make energy-efficiency upgrades to their home by installing high-efficiency heating, cooling, water-heating equipment, and more. The largest credits […]

What’s More Efficient: A Heat Pump or a Furnace?

Heat Pump

If you’re in the market for a new central heating system, you have a big decision ahead of you: Do you go with a heat pump or a furnace? They’ll both provide reliable comfort, but they go about doing so in different ways. To better understand which one will meet your needs and budget, it […]

Why You Should Install a Heat Pump in Your Home

Why You Should Install a Heat Pump in Your Home

Modern HVAC technology has given homeowners more ways to stay comfortable than ever before. The only downside is that all those choices can be overwhelming when exploring options for your Plano, Texas home. If you’re not sure where to start, an increasingly popular option among North Texas residents is a heat pump system. Let’s explore […]

Should You Pair Your Electric Air Handler with a Heat Pump?

Air Conditioning and Heating

Spring and Early Summer is the Perfect Time to Make a Transition Spring and early summer, are a great time to look back at your winter heating costs, now that you can fully compare 2015’s winter with previous years. It’s also a great time to consider furnace maintenance, improvements, and even heater replacement. In most of […]