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How Does an HVAC Consultation Work?

How Does an HVAC Consultation Work

When considering a replacement HVAC system or a new installation, you will see that many other factors need to be considered other than pricing. For example, things like your unit’s size, energy usage, and more should all be considered before making such a significant purchase. This is where an HVAC consultation with a Lex Air Conditioning and Heating technician can help. At Lex Air, we handle HVAC installations, replacements, and repairs daily, so we know what to look for when you’re thinking about changing your HVAC system. 

You may not think an HVAC consultation is necessary, but having the wrong unit for your home can result in you paying too much energy costs while dealing with poor heating and cooling temperatures. Our Murphy HVAC technicians at Lex Air have the knowledge and experience to ensure that your new unit will meet your heating and cooling needs. To schedule a consultation for a replacement HVAC, call us today at (972) 217-8955.

What to Expect From an In-Home Consultation With Lex Air

When you’re considering a new car or other large purchase, you consult an expert, right? Replacing your HVAC system should be no different. When you call Lex Air’s heating and cooling experts for your consultation, you can trust that you’re getting the best customer service in Texas.

Your consultant will evaluate your home and HVAC components like your thermostat, ductwork, and more to get a broader picture of your current system functioning and where improvements could be made. By looking at your home and features like windows and doors, your Lex Air consultant will better understand what kind of unit your home needs. And don’t worry about asking too many questions; we want them! We want to know if you’re having current problems with your unit, what you expect from your new unit, and whatever concerns you may have regarding your investment.

At Lex Air, our goal is to help you achieve the best possible heating and cooling environment within your home, and the best way for us to accomplish that is by working with you. 

Home Evaluation

One of the most important parts of your HVAC consultation is evaluating your home and current system. If your contractor skips this portion of the consultation, getting another opinion is best. Homeowners often purchase the wrong-sized HVAC and struggle with issues with heating and cooling until they finally buy a new system. This step during your consultation is key and can save you money and headaches in the long run. 

To find your home’s correct size HVAC unit, your HVAC contractor will perform a Manual J load calculation. During this exercise, your contractor will measure your home’s square footage and height, the number of windows and exterior doors, and how many people live there. Using this information, your contractor will calculate how large your HVAC unit will need to be to heat and cool your home properly. While performing the Manual J load calculations, your contractor can evaluate the size of your current HVAC system and determine if that’s the source of your problems.

During the home evaluation, your Heath HVAC contractor will also examine your current ductwork to determine if it can handle the new AC unit or needs modification. This is a great time to discuss any existing problems you may have with your current system so that they can address them. For example, maybe some rooms are not cooling, or you feel a draft in certain areas of your home. During the home evaluation, it’s important to speak up and discuss any issues you may be having with your interior system.  

Getting to Know Your Needs and Wants

During this initial consultation, your contractor will try to learn what you are looking for regarding your heating and cooling needs. It’s important to consider things like your current energy costs, indoor air quality, and more. Below we’ll list several things you should consider when looking for a replacement unit. 

Considering the above factors can help your consultant understand what you’re lacking with your current unit and how they can help you achieve your perfect home environment.   

Getting to Know Your HVAC Options

Your HVAC consultant will provide various options to replace your HVAC unit based on what they discovered during the consultation. This is another reason why expressing any concerns with your existing unit is so important. Your consultant will consider all of this when suggesting a replacement unit, as well as factors like budget, energy efficiency, and more. 

When your Rockwall HVAC contractor presents you with replacement options, they will show you the following:

  • Various price ranges of equipment
  • Different system types, i.e., single-speed, two-speed, or variable speed
  • Energy-efficient equipment options will include different SEER ratings 
  • Financing options and rebates

At Lex Air Conditioning and Heating, we provide our customer’s financing options on installations and promotions, so ask your Lex Air tech what specials we’re currently running during your consultation.

As a Trane HVAC system distributor, you’ll get quality equipment with whatever system you choose with Lex Air Conditioning and Heating. 

Ductwork Inspection

During your consultation, the HVAC contractor should inspect your home’s ductwork to understand the following: 

  • The quality of your flex ducts – are they sagging, bent, or kinked?
  • Are the ducts the correct size?
  • If the plenum is correctly sized and positioned (The plenum is the element that connects the ducts to the HVAC system.)
  • Are the junctions properly taped or sealed? 
  • How much airflow does your existing system need? (Airflow is measured by CFM, cubic feet per minute. To find the airflow measurement, your contractor will calculate how many cubic feet of air passes by a point in one minute.) 

By evaluating your duct system, your contractor can understand how they’re affecting the efficiency of your current system and if they can be to blame for any comfort problems. 

Addressing Questions or Concerns

During your HVAC system consultation, your contractor will want to learn more about what you’re lacking with your existing system, areas of concern, and more. To do this, they’ll ask questions like: 

  • Do you struggle with any humidity issues?
  • Are there any areas in your home that aren’t as comfortable as others?
  • Do you notice hot or cold spots?
  • How happy are you with your indoor air quality?
  • Do you hear loud or strange noises from your HVAC system? 
  • The overall level of comfort throughout the year

By asking questions like those above, your Roanoke HVAC contractor can determine what areas need help and what type of new equipment can help eliminate any issues.

Scheduling Your HVAC Installation

Once your consultation is complete, Lex Air will let you know what to expect during your HVAC installation and find a time and day that works best to schedule your installation appointment. When you work with us for your replacement or installation, you don’t have to worry about working around OUR schedule. We cater to what works best for YOU. 

Prior to your Carrollton AC installation, you want to ensure that our technicians have easy access to areas inside the home. This can include removing obstacles like furniture or other obstructions that could get in the way during the installation. Our technicians will also visit your home for a site evaluation to determine if any outdoor obstructions, like trees or bushes, may need to be removed before the installation. 

Call Lex Air Conditioning and Heating To Schedule Your HVAC Consultation Today

Before you purchase a new HVAC system, contact Lex Air Conditioning and Heating first. We’ll ensure your new unit meets all your heating and cooling needs without breaking the bank. To schedule an appointment with Lex Air for an HVAC consultation, call (972) 217-8955 toda

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