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3 Ways to Keep Your Home Evenly Cool

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If you find it challenging to keep your Plano, TX home cool in summer, you’ll be happy to know there are a few options for improving the situation. Whether you live in a two-story home where the temperatures of both stories are vastly different or one or more rooms in your home are harder to cool than the rest of the house, a little savvy HVAC troubleshooting should help you solve the problem. Here are three ways you can help everyone in your home stay cool, calm, and collected this summer:

Add More Attic Insulation

When the upper level of your home is consistently several degrees hotter than the lower level, you unfortunately can’t address this problem with a simple thermostat adjustment. One thing to check is whether your attic is adequately insulated. Does this critical space, where unwelcome radiant heat from the sun can easily be absorbed through the roof, have sufficient insulation to counteract this problem? If not, an upgrade should make a difference.

Use Supplemental Cooling

Adding additional cooling to the rooms that aren’t adequately served by your primary air conditioning system can help to effectively address this problem. This solution works especially well for room additions or attic, basement, sunroom, or garage conversions. Ductless mini-splits are a very effective technology to consider using for supplemental cooling.

Opt for Home Zoning

Another highly effective solution to the problem of uneven cooling is home automation zoning. By dividing your home into two or more separate cooling zones — each of which is served by its own thermostat — you can eliminate the discomfort and frustration of perpetually having to deal with different temperatures in different parts of your home on a hot summer day.

To determine which of the above solutions might work best for addressing your uneven cooling problem, call Lex Air Conditioning & Heating at (972) 217-8955. Our knowledgeable AC experts can provide the answers to all your air conditioning service challenges.

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