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Is Your Home Properly Insulated?

Indoor Air Quality

Take a look at your heating or cooling bill. Is it more than $100 per month and you’re barely using any energy? If so, you may have an insulation problem that may need to be addressed immediately. Experts have shown that 25 percent of heat can be lost through a basement, and 60 percent of air leaks in a home are found in the attic. There are teams of technicians at Lex Air Conditioning who can address any insulation problems that may arise. Here’s what you need to know about insulation:

Proper insulation is Required to Keep the Home at Moderate Temperatures

If you want to properly heat and cool your home, you must get the right kind of insulation. The most popular types of insulation include spray foam, blown-in, loose-fill, and fiberglass rolls. Upgraded materials are a necessity to help the house remain at a moderate temperature at all times.

R-value is an important term to know if you are going to purchase insulation by the thickness and also by the ability of insulation material to regulate and control the temperature in the home. If the insulation is not installed properly, the accuracy of the R-value may be off. Missing vapor or air leak barriers may also affect the accuracy of the measurement.

Old Homes Versus New Homes

People who purchase a new home will probably have proper insulation. In fact, in certain states, new home builders are also required to meet new energy-saving codes. Homes built in the time period from 1900 to 2000 will probably need better insulation to ensure that the heating bills remain low and moderate.

Home insulation should not be a do-it-yourself project. There are so many things that could go wrong that may adversely affect your heating and cooling bills. If you lose more money because it’s not done properly, you’ll negate any savings that you may have earned by doing it yourself. Spend the extra money upfront to save for many years to come.

How to Save More by Paying Attention to Basements and Crawl Spaces

To conserve energy, you should also properly insulate your basements and crawl spaces. Vapor sealing is an important part of this process. Drafty, cold floors and heat loss can be prevented with proper insulation to prevent air seepage through crevices in the floorboards. After you’ve insulated, run a BPI-certified energy to determine if the home is properly insulated. Common problems include drafts and parts of the room getting hotter than other regions.

Keep Your Home Properly Insulated with Lex Air Conditioning

You can keep your home properly insulated and keep the temperatures moderate with a few simple steps. Contact a professional at Lex Air Conditioning to find out more about how we can be a part of properly insulating your home. It may cost a lot up front, but it’ll save more in the long term.

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