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Gas, Oil, or Electric: Which Furnace is Best?

Gas, Oil, or Electric: Which Furnace is Best?

Your Home Furnace Choices

You have several HVAC options when it comes to heating your home. Not only can you choose between different heating appliance options, but the fuel that powers them. The most popular and widely available fuel options in the U.S. are oil, natural gas, electricity, and propane. We’re going to be talking about the first three.

Natural gas is the favorite among homeowners, but there are pros and cons to each fuel, and you should consider which would fit your home, lifestyle, and budget best.


Efficiency depends more on the type of appliance you use, more than the fuel. But each fuel has its own capacity for efficiency. Modern high-efficiency gas furnaces can reach efficiency in the high 90s. Oil furnaces with high efficiency will be a bit lower than that. Electric heat pumps will get 100% efficiency since there’s no wasted fuel in the process of moving heat.


Cost is highly dependent on the market and in what region you live. But overall, oil is the most expensive fuel to acquire by far. Natural gas is the dominant fuel used in American homes because it’s so cheap, roughly half the price of oil, but your home must have access to a natural gas network.

Electricity is closer to the price of natural gas but is usually more expensive. The only reason it comes close is that the electric systems are so efficient, which offsets the higher costs to operate.


Your oil furnace will need more heating maintenance than either gas or electric systems. Oil needs to be stored on your property in a tank, with delivery made periodically to refill. Your unit will also need regular cleanings since oil is a dirtier fuel than gas or electric.

Gas and electric furnaces can do well on yearly maintenance and air filter changes.

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