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How a Trane Ductless AC System Can Help Save Energy

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As the weather gets warmer in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you are likely to use your air conditioner more often. Since air conditioning accounts for a significant portion of your energy consumption, you can expect your energy bills to go up substantially.

If you are using an old or inefficient air conditioning unit, you can save energy by replacing it with an energy-efficient Trane ductless AC system. Also called a mini-split air conditioner, a ductless AC unit is an air conditioning system that consists of two parts: indoor air handlers and an outdoor compressor.

Find out how this type of air conditioner can reduce your energy usage with either a single-zone ductless system or a multi-zone ductless system.

Prevents Energy Loss

When you are shopping for an air conditioning system, you will find that many ducted and ductless units have similar energy-efficiency ratings. Nonetheless, in practice, a ducted system may lose a substantial amount of energy through the ductwork. Ductwork can lose cooled air due to improper sealing or conduction from a lack of sufficient insulation. A ductless AC unit, on the other hand, does not lose energy.

Can Be Easily Zoned

Another reason a ductless air conditioner is more energy efficient is that it is easy to zone. Each of its air handlers has a programmable thermostat that can be individually controlled, making it possible to adjust the temperature of every room in your home to suit your preferences. This means that you can cool only rooms that are occupied, and you don’t have to waste energy on empty living space.

Comes With a Programmable Thermostat

Most ductless AC systems come with sophisticated thermostats that can automatically adjust temperature levels in your home. Unlike window units, they do not have to undergo an on/off cycle to maintain a comfortable environment, making them more energy-efficient.

A ductless AC system not only consumes less energy than a traditional AC unit, but it is also quieter and easier to install. If you want to get a great deal on a Trane ductless AC unit, contact Lex Air Conditioning and Heating at (972) 217-8955.

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