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Common Commercial HVAC Issues

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With all the advancements and improvements being made to commercial HVAC systems, issues are still bound to arise once in a while. Some are more common than others, and a skilled HVAC technician can diagnose and correct the problem quickly and efficiently.

The majority of problems can be fixed easily if they are found and dealt with right away. Here are some of the common commercial HVAC issues we see at Lex Air Conditioning & Heating and ways they can be fixed.

Drain Line Clogs

Over time, the drain line that carries water and condensation out and away from the HVAC unit can become clogged with the accumulation of dirt, algae, and sediment. This can cause the water to back up into the drain pan, resulting in water damage to the unit. This can be corrected by periodically checking and cleaning out the drain line.

Blown Fuses

If your HVAC system shuts down unexpectedly, always make sure to check the circuit breaker first. The system relies on fuses to protect delicate electrical components from becoming overheated. These fuses are located in the evaporator coil.

Sub-Standard Air Quality

If the indoor air quality being generated by the HVAC system isn’t up to par, there can be a few potential culprits. The most common – and most easily corrected – is a dirty air filter. Other possible explanations include components that may be overheating stagnant water that is condensing, or some material melting onto the heat exchanger.

There are also more dangerous possibilities like a gas leak. Once you have ruled out the most simple fix by changing a dirty air filter if necessary, it is imperative that you contact a professional commercial HVAC technician to check for more severe issues and perform any essential commercial HVAC repairs.

Capacitors Have Burned Out

An HVAC unit contains two capacitors: start and run. If either capacitor burns out, it will need to be replaced for the unit to function properly again. Troubleshooting and early detection are key to keeping your system in good working order and preventing costly HVAC replacements.

Are you experiencing any of these commercial HVAC issues? Then don’t hesitate to call Lex Air Conditioning and Heating, and we will send a technician right away.

R22 Phaseout

R-22 Phaseout

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