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3 Reasons Your Furnace Needs an Annual Tune-up

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Every year at about this time, families across Carrollton and the North Dallas area begin to fire up their furnaces and enjoy spending time inside of a well-heated home for the holidays. Many Texas homeowners focus so much on their air conditioning throughout the warm year, that the furnace and heating systems tend to fall to the wayside.

Your heating unit needs as much maintenance and TLC as your air conditioning unit. Costs to repair or replace a furnace can be very high. Here are three reasons why your furnace should always have an annual maintenance check and heater tune-up.

Maintenance Keeps Your Home Safe

It is obvious at this point that furnaces burn fuel to produce the heat that regulates the temperature of your home. This process must be precise in order to maintain the efficiency and safety of your furnace. The smallest problem with your furnace can lead to leaking gas in your home or high carbon monoxide levels. By not scheduling an annual tune-up for your furnace you are simply putting yourself and your family at risk.

Your local air conditioning and heating company will be able to quickly and efficiently uncover even the smallest inconsistency in your furnace’s combustion process. Keep your home safe this year and remember to tune-up.

Save on Numerous Levels with a Tune-Up

By performing an annual tune-up on your furnace, you are saving both time and money. Getting a furnace tune-up before the weather gets too cold saves you the time you would have to be waiting for a repairman to come fix your furnace when it has already broken down mid-winter.

Not only do you prevent this type of issue with a tune-up, but you also have the chance to save money through improved energy efficiency. During a tune-up, a furnace’s burner and heat exchanger need to be cleaned and inspected. By having this done on a routine basis, you will have an efficient unit all winter and will save money on your energy bill in the long term.

Tune-Ups Maintain Your Manufacturer’s Warranty

Your heater is most likely under a manufacturer’s warranty. If so, this is an even bigger reason for you to get an annual tune-up. Most manufacturers will void their warranty if your heater is not regularly maintained. By having your furnace tuned up on an annual basis, you are guaranteeing that your warranty will be able to remain intact. This will prove very helpful in the event that something goes terribly wrong and your furnace goes out, regardless of proper maintenance.

Lex Air Conditioning and Heating Want to Keep You Safe and Saving Money this Year!

If you are concerned that your heating system may not last the winter, it is not too late to schedule a furnace tune-up. The professionals at Lex Air Conditioning and Heating have the experience and skills to make sure that your furnace is running well throughout what can end up being a very cold winter. Contact us today to find out how to schedule maintenance on any of your air or heating units.

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