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AC Energy Saving Tips for This Earth Day

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Caring for the health of our Earth should be one of our top priorities. As far as we know, there’s no other planet that can sustain human life in our solar system. One of the easiest ways to reduce our use of Earth’s natural elements is by reducing how much energy we consume. Even though technology is more advanced than ever and most air conditioning units are energy-efficient, they still suck up a significant amount of resources. In honor of Earth Day, here are a few simple air conditioning unit energy-saving tips to try out.

Get Your Air Conditioning Unit Serviced

Your air conditioning unit might be energy efficient already, however getting it looked at via an AC tune-up service can prevent future problems that cause it to use more energy. Air conditioning repair can be costly if the problem is major. Have a repairman take a look at your unit and remove any debris that may have fallen inside. Things like sticks, leaves, or even sap can affect its efficiency.

Turn Down the AC at Night

If you want to reduce the cost of running your air conditioning, a great way to do that is by setting your AC thermostat to a warmer temperature at night. While this may seem like a sacrifice, it’s a great way to reduce energy. Turn on a regular oscillating fan to supplement the lost cool air coming from your vents and remove heavy bedding in favor of thinner, less bulky fabrics. Little changes like these can make a big difference in your energy bill and in the earth’s health.

Check Your Ducts for AC Problems

The ducts that your air conditioning travels through are just as susceptible to damage as anything else in your home. Have an air conditioning repair company examine your air ducts for cracks or leaks that allow the cold air to seep out and cool down places like your attic instead of your home. Regular duct cleaning can also be beneficial in saving on energy costs.

Close Your Curtains

The sun’s light can be wonderful for many things. However, cooling your home isn’t one of them. If you want to reduce your energy consumption, then close your curtains and blinds to keep sunlight out and reduce the inside temperature of your space. Your AC unit works hard to cool your home, and when it works too hard, you end up needing home AC repairs.

Let Lex Air Care for Your Home AC Unit

We value energy efficiency and know that you do too. All of our solutions are cost-effective and energy-efficient. The health of our planet and the health of your wallet are important to us. Let our Carrollton HVAC repairmen at Lex Air take care of your air conditioning problems. Get in touch today with questions or for more information!

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