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Should You Opt for a Fireplace in Dallas?


Seven Questions to Consider

It’s getting cooler in Dallas, especially at night with lows in November – December expected to dip below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. But is it really the right choice for you? Here are seven questions from our Carrollton HVAC service professionals at Lex Air to consider when deciding if you should purchase a fireplace for your home in Dallas.

Will I really use it?

People often dream of sitting in front of a cozy fire, roasting chestnuts for Christmas without considering the cost of maintenance and acquiring fuel. Many home-buyers consider a fireplace a desirable attribute or even a must. But they often wind up building a fire or two and then lapsing into fireplace indifference. Sometimes the mantel is the main attraction as a handy place for seasonal decorations and family portraits.

There’s also the TV question. The hearth was a traditional focal point for the home until the 1950s, when most families realized they’d rather watch television than flames. This brings up the awkward design question of splitting a focal point between a TV and a fireplace, an especially vexing problem if it turns out you don’t even light many fires.

Am I more about aesthetics or efficiency?

If you are still thinking about buying a home with a fireplace, what kind of fireplace will you choose? When visualizing a dream fireplace, most people imagine the traditional wood-burning type, complete with hot coals, dancing flames, and sparks flying, just like our forefathers enjoyed. Delightful as a wood-burning fireplace is, this is not the most efficient heat source. Much of the warmth is sucked right out the chimney—plus it pulls warmth out of your other rooms. And the heat loss continues even after the fire is out, whether you remember to close the damper or leave it open, the damper isn’t effective at preventing a loss of warm air.

Flipping a switch and having a gas fire isn’t nearly as romantic as burning wood. But it sure is easier and more energy-efficient. Gas inserts can work in most fireplaces and are capable of heating up to 3,000 square feet of your house. This is a suitable option for people with natural gas lines running to their houses. Otherwise, you have to use propane or electricity, which can lead to added charges and increased utility bills.

Do I have central heat?

If you live in one of Dallas’ older homes that has no central heating system, using a fireplace in conjunction with a built-in heat exchanger might be a viable option. A heat exchanger installed into your fireplace prevents warm air from escaping through the chimney and blows out hot air generated by a wood or gas fire. Sealing off the rooms not in use could make surviving Dallas, TX winters without a traditional heat source possible.

Do I have a good source of wood?

Okay, you really want that wood fireplace. But you live in Dallas, not out in the country. You can’t just go chop a cord of wood whenever you need more fuel. Before you spend all that money on installing your dream fireplace, check out local wood sources. Craigslist has many local offers. HEB typically offers $5 bundles of wood in the winter throughout Dallas. A single bundle might last for 6 hours of use, so three nights at most. If you simply wanted a wood fire in Dallas every weekend for the winter, estimate a cost of $100 in wood.

Am I concerned about the environment?

Wood is natural because it comes from trees. So it must be fine to burn it, right? Actually, creosote, a by-product of burning wood, is a nasty, highly flammable goo that will quickly coat the inside of your chimney. If you don’t have your chimney cleaned regularly, you’re upping your chances of a deadly house fire. Wood fires also create outdoor and indoor air pollution. Children, elderly people, and those with existing respiratory problems are especially susceptible to breathing difficulties caused by wood fires. A gas fire is a more environmentally-friendly choice.

Do I like to entertain outside?

A backyard fireplace is another warm and festive option for Dallas residents. If you like to entertain at your house, the warmth and leaping flames of an outdoor fireplace will draw your guests like moths. It also considerably lengthens your backyard entertaining season.

Would I rather let somebody else deal with the fireplace?

After looking into cost, health, safety, maintenance, and environmental concerns, you may feel yourself cooling to the idea of a fireplace. That’s okay. Dallas has plenty of bars and restaurants with a fireplace to warm yourself. Have a drink at the Kennedy Room, the Loon, the Mansion Bar, Three Sheets, or the Veritas Wine Bar, and let somebody else clean out the chimney.

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