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Top 5 Creative Ways to Cool Down in Dallas

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No question about it, Dallas is hot in the summer, fall, and spring. But you can only hide in your air-conditioned home for so long before you get bored. Venture out and try something new. Here are some creative ways our Carrollton HVAC technicians at Lex Air recommend you cool down.

1. Get Wet

When the going gets hot, the smart get wet. That’s why Dallas has so many water parks. Bahama Beach Family Waterpark, 10 miles south of downtown, is the perfect choice for a group with different levels of thrill-seeking. More sedentary visitors tube down the Calypso Cooler Lazy River. Adrenaline junkies plunge down the Riptide Slide and the Bahama Bullet. Entertaining a group of little ones? Bedford Splash has tot-accessible features like the beached boat slide and small bubbling fountains to play in. And every September there’s even a chance to bring the family dog. The annual Dog Splash Day welcomes an onslaught of canines to this small park between Dallas and Fort Worth.

2. Expand Your Cold Treat Horizons

Everybody knows snow cones and ice cream are summer staples. But maybe it’s time to up your frozen treat game. Visit India – okay, Carrollton via Agha Juice – and sample smoothies, fruit juices, and ultra-rich homemade kulfi, which is Indian ice cream. You’ll definitely encounter flavors you never see in the grocery store aisle. Cutting back on dairy? Swing by Central Market and pick up a pint of Savoy Sorbet. Flavors include clove, hibiscus flower, and lavender.

3. Cruise

Is your yacht in the shop for repairs? No worries. You can still enjoy some time on Lake Lewisville.  JT’s Boat Rentals offers wine cruises, party cruises, and even an on-lake nightclub with flashing lights and pounding music.  Bring your own picnic dinner for the weekly adults-only sunset cruise. Want the whole boat for you and yours? Charter a 26’, 40’, or 50’ boat for your special occasion.

4. Go Bowling

Bowling has gone upscale from its blue-collar roots, at least in places like Splitsville. The Fairview bowling alley combines a vintage aesthetic with modern amenities. Sure, you can get pizza, nachos, and sliders while you bowl. But what about the bowler who hungers for sushi? This is the alley where you can satisfy your urge for a crab Rangoon roll complete with water chestnuts and Thai chili sauce. Book online to reserve a lane. And if you go on Tuesday, bowl for two bucks per game per person.

5. Take Your Baby to a Movie

Having a hot summer at home with a fussy baby? Enjoy the A/C during a Cry Baby matinee at Angelika Film Center & Café. On early Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, join other stir-crazy parents and their offspring for a child-friendly film. Children under five get in free. At other times of the day, enjoy independent and specialty films at this 8-screen theater. You can wash down your popcorn with espresso, beer, or wine.

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