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Preparing Your Home for Spring

Indoor Air Quality

Frightful and fretful weather conditions have plagued so many areas this winter, and plenty is still hiding from the “polar vortex.” Fortunately, spring is just around the corner, and you might even start to see some flowers beginning to bloom. You have a lot to do to prepare for spring, and looking into a new air conditioning unit from Lex Air is a wise decision. What are the reasons for working with this company?

The Benefits of New Units

You might be wondering why you should even get a new unit to begin with. Well, an old unit can start to have a lot of problems, and you really don’t want these issues to come to fruition in the middle of the summer. As with many household maintenance troubles, the best solutions are preventative ones. Instead of having to suffer in the middle of a summer heat wave, take care of any problems you have now by providing comprehensive AC tune-ups, heater tune-ups, and annual maintenance services.

Electrical Concerns

On top of a broken unit on the hottest day of the season, you also need to be aware of any electrical problems. Serious fire hazards can result from a unit that is not electrically sound, and you absolutely do not want to take chances here. If you are already running the unit and suspect that a problem of this nature has already manifested, do not use it until you have a professional from Lex Air come to take a look during a spring AC maintenance check. Never forget to clean your units to prevent this danger.

Service All The Time

Maybe you have been putting off air conditioning unit services because you just feel that you do not have the time. After all, you’ll have to be present to answer questions and figure out a repair plan. Working with Lex Air is the best idea, especially for those who have a busy schedule, because service is available 24 hours per day, seven days per week. You never have to wait to start working toward better air conditioning in your home.

Suitable for You

On top of working at all hours of the day and night, a number of different locations can receive service. Lex Air provides its professional air conditioning and heating service to Little Elm, Plano, Lewisville, Carrollton, Dallas, Addison, and other areas in the region. Wherever you are, help can be there soon.

The Professional Touch

Whenever you have a new company at your home, you are probably a little bit nervous. You are not yet sure how the services are going to be, and you definitely want to get everything that you are paying for. With Lex Air, the professional touch is there for you. The technicians are all registered by the state, and the company is fully insured and licensed through the State of Texas. It’s even a family-owned business, so you’ll get that friendly service you love.

Soon, spring will be here with all of its glory and cheer, so start to prepare your home as soon as possible.

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