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Lex Air Offers Professional Pipe Insulation for Winter Weather

frozen evaporator coils

When the water in pipes becomes frozen it will not only prevent them from working but can permanently damage the pipes. Fortunately, Lex Air Conditioning & Heating offers services for pipe maintenance in Carrollton to prevent the costly repairs caused by frozen pipes that have burst.

The reason pipes will burst when water freezes is fairly simple. When water reaches freezing temperatures the molecules crystallize. Most molecules will contract at this point because there is very little to no movement in them. Water, however, has a special structure when it crystallizes that actually causes it to expand when it freezes. When the pipes are filled with water there is no room for expansion. So when the water becomes frozen the pipes will burst if they are completely filled.

Another common problem that can cause damage to pipes occurs when the pipes are frozen but empty. If hot water runs through a pipe that is frozen, the difference in temperature causes a lot of stress on the pipe. This stress can result in a warped, twisted, or cracked pipe that will need to be replaced.

Pipes will need to be prepared for the winter in order to prevent them from freezing and bursting. Many times people do not believe their pipes need to be prepared for the cold weather because temperatures are still relatively warm. However, all it takes is one night when the temperature drops just below freezing to cause a major issue. Our services for pipe maintenance in Carrollton will provide the experience needed to prepare pipes in any location of the house for the winter weather.

Outside pipes like those used for a sprinkler system or hose are especially vulnerable because they are directly affected by the weather. Pipes that are inside can also be affected by cold weather as well; especially when they are located in the outer walls of the house or in a room with no heating such as the garage.

There are many ways in which pipes can be protected. The best method depends on several factors including their location, size, shape, and design. Lex Air has the experience and knowledge required in order to maintain pipes and protect them from the elements. Our experienced Carrollton HVAC technicians have seen the resulting damage that can occur, and, therefore, know exactly what to look for and how to prevent such problems.

To protect pipes from freezing and bursting they need to be insulated. The professional pipe insulation services Lex Air offers are designed to protect pipes from even the coldest temperatures. Do-it-yourself pipe insulation jobs may protect pipes from temperatures just below freezing but will not be much help if the temperature drops much lower.

Give our Carrollton plumbers a call today for the most comprehensive protection available to prepare your pipes for the oncoming winter weather with our services that are fast, affordable, and professional.

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