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The Importance of Good Ductwork

The Importance of Good Ductwork

Air ducts are a major part of HVAC systems. When they aren’t installed properly or sized correctly, they can cause airflow issues throughout your home. It’s easy to notice when your duct system works well because your heating and cooling system can do its job. You may not realize it’s because of your air ducts, but it is! 

When one part of the HVAC system isn’t working, it can affect the entire system. However, when all parts of your HVAC system work well, it creates the perfect heated or conditioned home. 
If you’re looking to install ductwork or improve your current duct system, contact the air duct pros at Lex Air Conditioning and Heating. Whether you need an air duct cleaning or repairs, we’ve got you covered. Call us today at 972-217-8955 to schedule your air duct consultation.

Purpose of Air Ducts

The human body and our homes function very similarly. The HVAC system works much like our body’s circulatory system. The thermostat is the brain, while the furnace or air handler is the heart. The air ducts are our blood vessels, and much like the arteries and veins of our body, the air ducts supply air ducts and return air ducts. The return ducts carry unconditioned air from your home and into the air handler or furnace to be conditioned. Once the air is conditioned, the supply ducts bring the air into your home. 

Your entire heating and cooling system can suffer without properly sealed and installed air ducts. Whether the air ducts need to be cleaned or repaired, they can create airflow problems, high energy costs, and more.

Benefits of Proper Duct Design

An HVAC system that works well has a good air duct design that pumps warm and cold air into our homes. Below, we’ll discuss how you and your home benefit from proper ductwork design. 

Proper ductwork design relies on many factors, but the two most important are: 

  • Type of ductwork: Most air ducts are built with rigid sheet metal or flex ducts. When choosing the right kind of duct material, a Lex Air HVAC contractor will evaluate your home and help you choose the best material. For example, sheet metal is more likely to sustain external damage, while flex ducts are best for small crawl spaces. 
  • The right size: Every home requires a number of linear feet of ductwork that is unique to that home’s design. When the duct system is too large or small, it can cause energy loss, poor airflow, and unconditioned spaces. 
The Importance of Good Ductwork

Prevents Outside Air from Entering Your Home

If your air duct system has holes or gaps, it can cause outside air to enter your home. When pollutants and other outdoor air particles enter your home through a poorly designed air duct system, indoor air quality can deteriorate and your HVAC system will have to work harder, costing you more money on energy bills.

When your air duct system is sealed correctly, allergens, dust, and other particles can be kept outside where they belong. Your HVAC can circulate clean, conditioned air throughout your home when you have good air ducts. Clean air can improve your air quality and your family’s health. 

More Efficient AC Operation

When your ductwork has been properly designed, your heating and cooling equipment will work to its full potential. Your HVAC system will be able to circulate warm and cooled air throughout your home while using the lowest amount of energy. 

Save Money on Energy Bills

When your heater and air conditioner can function properly (thanks to good ductwork), the HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard to heat or cool your home. Since the heating and cooling system uses less energy, you can save on your heating and cooling bills. With proper ductwork design, your HVAC equipment can be energy efficient while saving you money on energy bills. 

The Importance of Good Ductwork

How To Identify Problems With Your Air Ducts

When we have issues with our heating and air conditioning systems, we usually go right to the furnace or air conditioner, forgetting all the components that make up the system. When the air ducts are dirty or need to be repaired, they can cause air leaks, poor air conditioning and heating, and more. If you’re experiencing any of the problems below, it’s time to call an air duct expert at Lex Air Conditioning and Heating. 

Inconsistent Heating and Cooling

If you notice that your air conditioner or heater isn’t heating or cooling your home as well as it should, your air ducts may have become clogged. If an air duct cleaning doesn’t do the trick, your ductwork may need to be repaired. 

Hot and Cold Spots

When your duct systems need repairs, you may notice hot and cold areas throughout your home. If a particular area of the ductwork has been compromised, it cannot efficiently deliver warm or cold air throughout your entire home, which causes some individual rooms to be unreasonably warm or cold. 

The Importance of Good Ductwork

High Energy Bills

When your air ducts have air leaks, your HVAC system has to work overtime to provide conditioned or heated air to your home. If your heating and cooling equipment can’t reach the desired temperature that you have your thermostat set at, it will continue running until it can. This can cause high energy costs, especially when your heater and air conditioner rarely shut off. 

Poor Indoor Air Quality

When outside air is pushed through your supply air ducts, you’re possibly breathing contaminants that can harm your family’s health. Dust and other allergens can be removed from conditioned or heated air when your duct system works correctly. When the system cannot remove those allergens, they can build up and circulate through your home, causing your family health problems. 

A poorly designed duct system can also contribute to the growth of mold and mildew within the ductwork if the HVAC system can’t remove excess moisture in the air. When these toxins can grow, they can also cause your family respiratory issues.  

The Importance of Good Ductwork

To Get Your Ductwork Checked, Call The HVAC Experts at Lex Air Conditioning and Heating Today 

If you’ve noticed that you’re heating and cooling system isn’t functioning to its total capacity or your energy bills have increased, your air ducts could be to blame. Contact Lex Air Conditioning and Heating to schedule an air duct appointment with one of our technicians. Give us a call today at 972-217-8955.

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