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What are the Best Air Conditioner Brands?

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Air conditioning in Dallas is a must-have for anyone who lives here during the summer months. AC is necessary for our personal comfort but also for our health. Many people suffer heat strokes during the summer simply because they need their air conditioner repaired. If you’re worried about choosing the right air conditioning brand for your home or business, then read on for our take on the best brands on the market.

Trane Air Conditioners

When we do residential or commercial air conditioning installation, we usually advise the customer as to what brand and product will give them the most bang for their buck. One of our top air conditioning units that always exceeds even our expectations are Trane air conditioners. We’re certified Trane Comfort Specialists that have been installing and repairing these kinds of units for years. They come with a great warranty and have a fantastic reputation among top HVAC companies.

Honeywell Systems

To keep your home or business from being too hot or too cold, a control system has to be installed. One of the most energy-efficient systems on the market are Honeywell products. At Lex Air, we install and maintain Honeywell systems to help keep energy costs down in commercial buildings and residential homes. New Honeywell thermostats also come equipped with the ability to connect to your smartphone via an app that will allow you to control internal temperatures even if you aren’t at home!

Amana HVAC Systems

For businesses or homeowners that have a strict budget but still want a quality HVAC system, we recommend choosing an Amana System. These units are less expensive than better-known brands but they’re still a great buy! Air conditioning repair on these systems is usually a simple fix. We partner with Amana to provide quality service and HVAC maintenance to all of their customers.

Mitsubishi Electric

This is our most popular brand of ductless air conditioning solutions. We install and maintain these hard-working wall-mounted AC units for customers who prefer cooling or heating their spaces in this manner. It’s a great alternative to traditional window units and performs far better.

Stay Cool This Summer

As the Dallas heat starts to kick in, you’re going to need a way to stay cool. Get in touch with our AC repairmen to schedule your air conditioning maintenance or to learn more about the brands and units we offer!

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