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Remember to Keep your Pets Warm as Well

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With temperatures falling dramatically across the country this winter, it’s easy to remember to cover your outdoor faucets, install vent covers and preserve as much natural energy as possible to keep your family warm. But have you taken the same precautions with your furry family members? Despite their natural insulation, pets feel cold intensely, and winter can be especially dangerous for smaller animals. If you’ve got pets, then make sure you keep them warm this season. Here are some good tips for protecting your pets during the winter.

Keep Them Inside

Keep your pets inside during cold weather as much as possible. Your home when properly insulated and heated provides plenty of warmth to go around, and you need to keep animals inside so that they don’t develop frostbite or go missing in the cold. If you have limited space, then consider building a well-insulated outdoor shelter for your pets so they have somewhere to hide when the weather gets cold.

Take Shorter Walks

When you do go outside for walks or bathroom breaks, take shorter walks and keep your pets on a leash. Your pets still need daily exercise, but exposure to extreme cold can be devastating to animals. Make sure you have proper identification in case they break free so that they can be returned to you quickly. For smaller or short-haired pets, dress them in sweaters to help them regulate heat.

Provide Plenty of Water

Animals need much more water during the winter in order to conserve energy. Cats typically don’t drink a lot of water, but set out extra during the winter to help them retain heat. Check your pets’ water supply regularly to make sure it doesn’t freeze during the night. Feel free to provide a bit of extra food as well since many animals like to store up fat during the colder months.

Inspect Their Paws and Ears

Pets can get frostbite relatively quickly. Check your pets’ paws, ears, and tails for signs of frostbite. Redness indicated the initial stages of the condition while white spots indicate advanced development. Take your pets to the vet immediately if you notice signs of frostbite.

Invest in Better Bedding

Like humans, pets prefer a warm and cozy bed when it’s cold outside. You can find a wide variety of electric and non-electric bedding for your pets, but heated beds will provide additional comfort on cold nights. Your pets will also appreciate having somewhere warm to sleep and will be less likely to disturb you during the night.

At Lex Air Conditioning, we believe in taking care of our customers and their furry family members because we’re a locally owned and operated company. We pride ourselves on offering a variety of solutions to keep your home safe and warm throughout the winter. Whether you need help heating an attached garage or advice on how to keep your loved ones safe all year long, we can help. Give us a call today to find out more or to schedule your free estimate.

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