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Providing Heat This Winter Without the Risks of Space Heaters

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As the cooler weather approaches, people start digging out their various sources of heat for the winter season ahead. This can range from the small space heater to the wood pile in the backyard. Along with the different methods of heating a home, our Lex Air HVAC technicians can’t help but cringe when we hear of people’s steep energy bills for the month or how the price for that cord of wood went up 20% more than last year.

Space heaters have gained popularity since they’re usually priced pretty cheaply and don’t cost a lot to heat small areas. However, despite their low cost, they have hidden dangers that you should be aware of. A very lethal danger is carbon monoxide poisoning. It has no color and it has no odor. With fuel-burning space heaters, these fumes are created and without proper ventilation, this small space heater has now posed a threat to the family household.

Burns from space heaters are all too common and unfortunately much more common among small children. Because space heaters are small and often times used in high traffic areas, they can cause unexpected opportunities to tip over. Some may have the ability to shut themselves off after a fall but they’re still extremely hot and fire is always a risk when using them at all. Toys, curtains, drapery, clothes, and any flammable objects should be kept at least 3 feet from the space heater at the very minimum to avoid damaged goods and a fire. I was always paranoid about how close it was to my children’s bed or my kids accidentally leaving stuffed animals nearby. The safest way to prevent house fires, and eliminate burns and carbon monoxide poisoning is to have a heating unit installed by a licensed, insured, and registered technician from Lex Air.

Lex Air provides not only excellent air conditioning services in Carrollton, but also reliable heating services too. Our licensed and registered technicians can do a range of services for you whether it’s for your home or for the work office. Many people don’t know that their AC/heating unit should be serviced and cleaned just like any other appliance. So, whether it’s servicing and cleaning, maintenance, or even HVAC installation needs you have, Lex Air will provide excellent and genuine hard work. The cost of a space heater isn’t worth the cost of the potential hazards that they may cause. Going with a family-owned business to help you ascertain your safe heating needs will make all the difference to your family’s safety or your worker’s safety in the workplace.

Of course, dollar signs go up about now when thinking of installation and maintenance costs. That’s why our team at Lex Air has a partnership agreement with Wells Fargo National Bank to help their customers get financed and on top of that, they also regularly offer specials to help bring the cost down for you. Efficiency, reliability, and safety are the benefits of a well-serviced heating unit this winter.

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