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Flower Mound, TX Air Conditioning Repair & Service

Ah, your trusty air conditioner. It keeps your home cool and livable for several months of the year here in the greater Dallas/Ft. Worth region. Many people consider an A/C unit an absolute necessity. The AC works well…until it doesn’t.

Here are 10 reasons your Flower Mound air conditioning unit may need repair:

  1. Age. Just like humans, air conditioners get older and they don’t cool as effectively (a human’s ability to withstand heat and humidity also declines as we get older, offering a great explanation as to why many newspaper articles recommend that seniors head to a cooling center or even the mall when the heat/humidity rises). A typical A/C unit can last about 10 years before it has what HVAC companies refer to as “a catastrophic system malfunction” (it stops working).
  2. Your unit’s coolant leaks, which probably will mean that the A/C system blows warm air into the house.
  3. A bent fan shade can cause overheating, resulting in system failure.
  4. Your unit’s capacitor could blow, causing the unit to break down due to overheating.
  5. The motor could break. The unit may turn on, but it won’t cycle air, warm or cool.
  6. Your A/C unit’s filter could become clogged.
  7. Debris and dirt (sticks, leaves, dust) around the unit’s compressor could cause the system to shut down.
  8. The unit’s power cord could become damaged. The unit won’t even turn on.
  9. Coils can become dirty, making the unit highly inefficient.
  10. An object can be blocking the condensate line.

Naturally, it almost always seems as if your AC stops working right when you need it most – the day in July when you decide to have 20 children over for your child’s 8th birthday party, for example. Or, worse, the day your ailing 86-year-old mother comes to live with you and you discover that your Flower Mound AC repair company is booked solid for two or three weeks fixing several hundred other air conditioners that went kaput, just as a 10-day heat wave started..

24/7 Air Conditioning Repair for Flower Mound

Don’t think this can’t happen to you? Here at Lex Air Conditioning and Heating, we always aim to fix to our emergency customers as soon as possible. But many AC unit breakdowns happen during the first regional heatwave because so many people didn’t perform routine maintenance on their units. Hundreds of your neighbors may also need emergency repair services.

The solution? Regular maintenance. All of the breakdowns listed above could easily be prevented with routine and regular maintenance.

We offer affordable routine maintenance services for your Flower Mound air conditioning system. Regular, professional maintenance can increase your AC unit’s working life considerably. Regular maintenance also is much less costly than an emergency repair call and is significantly more cost-effective than replacing an entire unit.

We do offer emergency repairs on the day – or even night – you call. Contact us today for all of your Flower Mound AC repair and maintenance services.

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