4 Surprising Things That Are Fouling Up Your Indoor Air Quality

Air Fresheners

Your home’s indoor air quality isn’t something you likely give much thought to. The only time it’s a concern is when you’re following your nose to find the source of a weird smell.However, things that contribute to poor indoor air quality don’t always have an unpleasant odor. In fact, some of them smell great, emitting […]

How to Take the Strain Off Your AC System

How to Take the Strain Off Your HVAC Unit

Your air conditioning system works hard to keep you comfortable, especially here in Texas. Don’t make it work any harder than it has to. Taking some of the stress off of this critical appliance can help you avoid costly air conditioner breakdowns and to extend the life of your system. A few simple steps will […]

4 Ways to Protect Your Furnace During Home Renovations

Air Conditioning and Heating

Making renovations to your Lewisville, Texas home is likely an exciting time, though it can be a lot of work. While you may have the best-laid plans to complete your renovations in a specific time frame, you might have forgotten to include a plan to protect your HVAC system from the dirt and dust that […]

Heating Maintenance Tasks: Should I DIY or Call a Professional?

Air Conditioning and Heating

The winters in Lewisville, Texas, might not always reach below freezing, but you still want your heating system working at its best during the cool days and the brisk nights. When it comes to heating maintenance, luckily, there are some tasks you can DIY. However, you should call a professional for the more intricate tasks. […]

3 Reasons Your Air Conditioner Has Frozen Coils

Air Conditioning and Heating

With air conditioning being such a vital necessity in Carrollton, Texas, frozen conditioner coils can be a serious problem. There are a few reasons why your air conditioner has ice on it. Read on to learn what causes frozen air conditioner coils and how to address these issues: Old Air Filters The air filter is […]

6 Concerning Furnace Warning Signs You Should Look Out For

Air Conditioning and Heating

When the weather turns chilly in Highland Village, Texas, you’ll rely more heavily on your home’s heating system to keep you and your family comfortable. The last thing you want to worry about is a major problem with the furnace that requires an expensive heater repair and leaves you without heat when you need it […]

4 Strange Furnace Sounds and What They Might Mean

Lex Air Conditioning and Heating

If the furnace in your home is making some strange noises, you may be wondering what they mean. Certain sounds shouldn’t concern you, but others can indicate a more serious problem. A heating system shouldn’t make a lot of noise, so any sound that is out of the ordinary should be investigated by a professional. […]

Power Outage? How to Properly Restart Your AC System

Air Conditioning and Heating

If you experience power outages in your Carrollton, Texas, home, you may notice problems with your air conditioning system when it starts back up. To help your air conditioning system run effectively after a power outage, it is crucial to follow a few simple steps to properly restart it. Turn Off Unit Start by turning […]

How to Keep Your Indoor Air Fresh this Summer

Air Conditioning and Heating

The indoor air quality is often much worse than the air outside due to pollution from household cleaners, fresheners, home appliances, furniture, new carpets, or paints. Contaminants, fumes, and allergens can also trickle in from the outside. The heat and humidity of Frisco, Texas creates ideal conditions for allergens and biological growth. Fortunately, there are plenty […]

5 Possible Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Broke Down

Air Conditioning and Heating

When summer is in full swing in Irving, Texas, and the residents have to hide from the scorching sun inside their residencies, a broken air conditioner is unfortunate. Although you will need professional help to bring your AC back to life, learning about what might lead to AC failure could prevent it from breaking down. […]

3 Signs Your Air Conditioner Isn’t Properly Sized

Air Conditioning and Heating

An undersized and oversized air conditioner may both have issues that impact your comfort during the hot, humid summers in Carrollton, TX. Here are the following signs your AC installation did not include proper HVAC system sizing: Excessive Indoor Humidity One clear sign of an improperly sized AC system — namely, one that is too large […]