Irving, TX Heat Pump Installation

Irving is one of the largest cities in the Metroplex, behind Arlington, Dallas and Fort Worth in size. Most homes in Irving have heat powered by natural gas and central air conditioning. Lex Air frequently receives referrals in Irving for light commercial HVAC and residential A/C repairs and installation. Directly off I-35 N, we are often on site for homeowners before local A/C companies. Offering same day service and installation throughout Irving.


In early summer of 2015, a homeowner in the Los Colinas suburb of Irving, TX was seeking quotes from multiple HVAC contractors.


The furnace had failed at the end of winter and the A/C had now failed before Memorial Day. Both heating and cooling systems were decades old, and required thousands spent each year on repairs and routine maintenance.


For this homeowner’s situation, Lex Air recommended a complete system replacement with a heat pump. We beat out ten other competitors and were ultimately chosen based on our experience with heat pumps and our budget friendly price.

Despite any confusion on the name, heat pumps handle both the function of a furnace and air conditioner. Heat pumps are ideal for Irving’s climate, with mild winters and hot summers. Performance is comparable to a conventional HVAC system and the cost can be less, as installation of a furnace is avoided.

Most homes in Irving don’t have heat pumps, as the technology has only recently improved. New home builders are slowly catching on. If you need both a furnace and A/C replacement, seriously consider the alternative, a heat pump.

Lex Air installed a Trane XV20i Variable Speed heat pump outdoors and an air handler in the attic, to force the cooled or heated air throughout the ductwork.

We also removed the furnace, which didn’t work and was no longer needed. The homeowner got back some valuable square footage in their now empty utility closet.


This Irving suburbanite was facing the cost of a new furnace and new A/C at the same time, with a limited budget. Instead, they were able to afford a new high-efficiency heat pump from Trane and significantly cut electricity costs with the new SEER 20 equipment.