Allen, TX AC Replacement

Noted for its safety, parks, and affordability, Allen, TX is an affluent northern suburb of Dallas. Allen is also at the far reach of the Lex Air Conditioning service area. Allen was named one of the Healthiest Housing Markets as well as one of the Best Cities for First Time Home Buyers by Wallet Hub for 2015. Officially incorporated in 1953, some homes in Allen purchased by new families can have outdated heating and cooling systems.


In July of 2015, Lex Air was asked for a quote by an Allen homeowner with a very old heating and cooling system.


This customer had an older home with an A/C that had been used for many years and was too old to salvage. Additionally, previous homeowners had not kept up with regular maintenance of their HVAC system. To keep your HVAC system running for as long as possible, regular maintenance is needed.


Since there were many repairs and the system was outdated, we determined that the most cost effective course of action was a complete replacement. The cost made the homeowner uncomfortable, so they asked us to speak with their brother-in-law who worked for a large HVAC company in Virginia and had a lot of experience.

Lex Air was more than happy to discuss with their brother-in-law the benefits of a complete A/C replacement over multiple repairs. We explained the specific problems and how the new system would pay for itself with energy savings. Their brother-in-law was so impressed with our knowledge and competitive pricing that he insisted they use Lex Air for their heating and cooling needs.

Once earning approval, we quickly moved to replace the homeowner’s HVAC system with a new Trane XV20i variable speed cooling with a variable speed blower in the furnace. A new Nexia WIFI thermostat was also installed to give the homeowner the ability to control their heating and cooling from anywhere using their smart phone.


The end result was a new cooling and heating system that the customer was comfortable with, knowing that they were getting the best service and competitive prices.