AC Installation in Flower Mound, TX

Flower Mound is a thriving community north of Grapevine lake in Denton County. Lex Air is less than 15 miles away and offers same day A/C repair and installation to local homeowners and small businesses. Flower Mound features a mix of older homes and new construction in recent years, although a majority of the homes in town are more than 30 years old. Several of the historic properties are still lacking central air conditioning.


The owner of a historic home in central Flower Mound called us at the end of July for a complete HVAC overhaul. A thirty year old system was one of the oldest we have encountered. We were surprised to find the A/C was still operating, although not efficiently.


The homeowner was facing growing utility costs in the summer with a system we tested at only 7 SEER. The cooling system was also lacking a return air, decreasing the system’s efficiency, air circulation, indoor air quality and more. Some rooms in the house were excessively cool, while other rooms were blistering hot.


Lex Air Conditioning and Heating was chosen based on our price, partnership with Trane, close proximity to Flower Mound and positive online reputation.

We modified the ductwork to add a return air vent in the hallway, and replaced the old system with a new Trane XV20i variable speed cooling and two stage heating, speed blower for the furnace. Variable speed cooling allows for more accurate temperature control and greater efficiency.


This homeowner knew they needed a new cooling system, and were looking forward to more reliable cooling at a decreased cost. A new Wi-Fi powered Nexia smart thermostat connected to their smartphone, for additional convenience. The updated ductwork and variable speed A/C and furnace accurately kept their home at the perfect temperature.