AC Installation in Corinth, TX

Corinth is just north of Copper Canyon and is at the north eastern edge of the Dallas Fort-Worth Metroplex. Corinth grew rapidly in the mid-nineties with a majority of the homes at 10 – 20 years old. Many homes in the city are at an age when the original cooling equipment fails. Repair is typically not the best option for three reasons: repeated costly repairs, unreliable air conditioning or heating and expensive monthly utility costs.


In summer of 2015, a newlywed couple were seeking quotes from multiple contractors near Corinth, to replace an old HVAC system. The existing unit had stopped working due to age, and the Dallas summer was just heating up.


After an initial inspection, it was discovered the duct-work was also in bad shape. The home was 30 years old and the ducts had leaks, kinks and weren’t compatible with a high-efficiency system. They were also affecting indoor air quality. To deliver the correct SEER rating, healthier air and savings in monthly bills, not only required new equipment, but ducts to maintain proper air flow.


Co-owners, Cory and Anthony Contreras quickly got to work on a new Trane XL18i two stage cooling system with variable speed blower for the furnace. The new air handler was installed in the attic, an air condenser replaced the old A/C outside and flex duct-work was used throughout the project.


The young couple were pleased with the installation and timeline, as we finished the project a day after receiving their call. When we checked on the unit during routine maintenance months later, they were able to save on utilities and received a discount for moving to Energy Star equipment.