Complete HVAC Replacement in Plano, TX

North of Dallas, and just south of Allen and McKinney, Plano, TX is the 9th most populous city in the state of Texas. named Plano the “Most Bikeable City in Texas” in 2013 and Forbes named Plano the “Safest City in America” in 2011. Lex Air Conditioning provides Plano air conditioning repair and replacement the same day and 24 hours/7 days a week.


In May of 2015, Lex Air received a call from a Plano resident that had racked up costly HVAC repairs over the years.


The homeowner found that despite these expensive repairs, their system was still inefficient in summer and winter. This customer was also experiencing warm areas throughout the home, both upper and lower levels suffered from poor circulation. The old HVAC system also led to high monthly energy costs, uneven cooling, and inadequate dehumidifying.


Lex Air suggested a complete system replacement of the furnace, air conditioner and air handler.

Ultimately, it was more beneficial to the customer in the long run to do a complete replacement of the entire central heating and cooling system. To save on equipment and installation costs, we recommended the replacement take place one by one over the course of 3 months. We also gave this homeowner a competitive price.

This home previously had an electric furnace, making the switch to heat pumps economical. Instead of installing a new furnace and air conditioner, we were able to install a new Trane XR14 heat pump and electric air handler, to blow the cooled or heated air throughout the home, depending on the season. Three separate installations became two.


In the end, a more efficient heating and cooling system were installed at an appropriate price and the customer can maintain their new system, making it last for decades to come.