Air Conditioning and Heating

Five Things to Know When Choosing an A/C Repair Technician

Choosing an A/C repair technician is an important decision when a unit has stopped producing cool air or has stopped working completely. When you’ve attempted normal troubleshooting and diagnostics, it could be time to call a professional.

1. Does The Technician Have Parts On The Truck?

When an A/C repair technician rolls up in their truck, the only way they can make proper repairs in a timely manner is to have the most-commonly used parts in the industry on the truck. A technician who comes to the home only to garner the “diagnostic fee” but does not have the parts to do the repair is essentially wasting your time. While some parts need to be special ordered, most repairs can be done on the spot.

2. Does The Technician Offer Real Options?

An A/C technician must offer every homeowner real options for getting their heating and air fixed. Yes, some problems are beyond the reach of any repairman and the unit must be replaced. However, many contractors falsely jump to replacement or a new installation before recommending more difficult choices. Read through Yelp reviews that highlight

3. Does The Technician Ask Questions?

An A/C repair technician should ask questions of the family to find out how the system has been behaving before they arrived. The technician who simply goes to work and never says a word could be doing the wrong repairs, taking too many steps to find the problem or even recommending the wrong services for the future because they did not ask the right questions when they arrived.

4. Do They Offer Yearly Service?

The finest A/C technicians offer service appointments to customers that amount to checking in on the systems and ensuring that everything is working properly. If the technician is not offering these services for the future, they may be waiting for the system to break down again so that they can charge for the repairs. A good A/C technician knows that regular maintenance can make a system last for a long time.

5. Do They Order Their Own Parts?

If an A/C technician is not able to do a repair on the spot, they must be able to order the parts and get them in quickly. The wise technicians have a merchant account with a supplier that offer them a discount. When the homeowner must order parts for their system, they are going to lose money and have to wait even longer for the repair to be done.