7 Tips to Keeping Your Heating Unit Running Efficiently

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Air conditioners and heating units allow us to remain comfortable even when the weather turns unpleasant. However, temperature control can be expensive, and taking steps to improve efficiency can save you and your business a significant amount of money. Here are seven tips for keeping you heating unit running efficiently.

1. Regular Maintenance

Just like car maintenance, heating unit maintenance can go a long way toward keeping your unit efficient. It can also help increase its longevity. We can inspect your unit on a regular basis and perform basic maintenance that will help keep it running well. Regular maintenance also increases the likelihood of detecting problems early when they are easy to fix.

2. Upgrades

Heating unit technology changes quickly, and small upgrades can lead to significantly better performance. If your unit is more than a few years old, there may be a few upgrades that will pay for themselves over time. Our experts can help you find the best upgrades to save money.

3. Better Insulation

Insulating your office can go a long way toward lowering your heating and cooling bills, but insulating your heating unit can help as well. Units in older buildings may still use old insulation technology that has been outdated for years, and some contractors encourage people to use cheap, inefficient insulation. Find out if an insulation upgrade can help keep your unit operating as efficiently as possible.

4. Replacement

Heating units are designed to last for years or decades, but some units may reach a point where they can never operate efficiently. While we recommend fixing heating units if possible, there may come a time when it is best to simply install a new one. Fortunately, these upgrades often pay for themselves over time thanks to better efficiency, but you’ll want to talk with experts before proceeding.

5. New Thermostats

How you use your heating unit can affect its efficiency, and smart thermostats now allow users to schedule when their systems come on and how long they stay on. Simply changing your heating schedule can keep your building feeling great while allowing your temperature control units to operate more efficiently. New thermostats offer one of the most affordable ways to more efficiently control your building’s temperature.

6. System Audits

Often, small changes can lead to significantly better heating. Your filters can have a profound effect on your heating bills, and a simple change can go a long way toward better efficiency. You may also want to look at you system’s airflow. A few tweaks can ensure that it’s delivered heat where it needs to go in an effective manner.

7. Consultations

On occasion, you’ll want to examine your system from top to bottom. We can examine your entire system and determine if their are ways to lower you heating bills while maintaining a comfortable building. Consultations do not need to be frequent, but an occasional visit can lead to significant savings over time.