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3 Reasons Your Energy Bill is Too High

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Do you think you pay too much on your electricity bills? You may be right, because for most of us, electricity is one of the largest utility bills that we pay every month. Therefore, it is only wise that we should always make an effort to reduce it as much as we can. Most of the cause of high electricity bill relates to the way we use electricity in our homes, some of which we may not be aware. The following are three ways in which you may be using a lot of energy, and how you can reduce them.

1. Allowing huge appliances to remain ON
One of the many reasons why your energy bill is too high is that you might leave several items plugged in, even when you are not using them. This was not a problem in the past, but currently, most modern gadgets and appliances draw electrical power even when they are turned off. Many modern appliances never really turn off. Instead, they transition to a standby mode so that they can be turned on quickly to perform a scheduled task like printing, typing ad recording.
These devices are therefore consuming electricity while waiting for you to perform the next task. Generally, anything with a clock-both old and new-needs power to keep time when turned off. The solution is to save energy by connecting electrical appliances to power sources and turning off the power when you are you are not using them. This is the best way to minimize the power consumed by these devices when they are not in use.

2. Using obsolete appliances
Old appliances use more energy than new energy efficient models. For instance, a newer model freezer consumes half as much of electric power compared to an older model. Therefore, if you stick to your old models you will continually spend more on electricity bills. While it may appear waste of money to buy new models of appliances such as oven and stove top, it will save a lot of money in the end.
The solution is to upgrade your appliances with modern energy efficient models.

3. Not properly using lighting systems
Using lights to needlessly brighten the entire room contributes to high energy bill. Lighting is very efficient when used to provide lighting to specific areas of a room only, for instances kitchen tables, workplaces and couches. Similarly, keeping lights on when no one is using them will make you pay more on your electricity bills. Similarly, avoid leaving the ceiling fans on when no one is in the room, as this could drive your electricity bills up. The solution is to use lights only for specific areas occupied and to make sure that lights are turned off when the areas are not in use. Change out inefficient light bulbs for efficient CFL bulbs to further save energy when lights are on.

After implementing the above measures, also check for proper insulation of heating equipment and make sure that your heating and cooling systems are running efficiently. Observe the above measures, and you will save money on your next energy bill.