Air Conditioning and Heating

How to Increase Your Air Conditioner’s Efficiency

Air conditioning is something that is hard to live without. In Earth’s hotter regions, some people could potentially die without air conditioning. Although it’s something that many homeowners take for granted, air conditioning is crucial for a comfortable lifestyle.

We are the best Dallas air conditioning company around, and we provide a number of services that will keep your AC system running smooth. Although air conditioning can seem like a boring topic, there are many things homeowners don’t know about it.

Removing Dirty Filters

It’s a good idea to have us regularly replace your AC’s dirty filters. There are many reasons why an air conditioner might be running with reduced efficiency, but one of the main reasons is dirty filters. For both window and central AC units, filters should be changed monthly, which is a service that we provide.

However, some AC systems utilize a washable type of filter, so these filters just need to be cleaned. It’s important to understand your filter’s MERV, which is a number between 1 and 12. A higher number indicates that your filter provides great filtration.

Problems with Leaks

Many HVAC systems have duct leaks, which can greatly reduce system efficiency. In many situations, we’ve seen air duct leaks cause a 30 percent reduction in system performance. A window air conditioning system is notorious for being very hard to seal.

To discover leaks, we might use what is called the smoke trick. Your air conditioning system could be leaking massive amounts of air. We can fix duct leaks and other problems that rob your HVAC system of its performance.

The Power of Timing

One of the ways that we help our customer is by installing a timer. Many homeowners make the mistake of allowing their AC system to constantly run at full power. It doesn’t make sense to have the HVAC system running while at work or on vacation. A timer is the perfect solution to this problem.

More specifically, it’s a thermostat that makes it easy to dictate when an HVAC system turns on or off. Many modern window AC units have a programmable thermostat, so it’s quite easy to set the timer.

Shrubs Costing You Money

An HVAC machine’s condenser and compressor are usually located on the outside of a home. Most homeowners don’t know that there should always be about two feet of empty space around the compressor. Leaves, tall grass, hanging branches and shrubs can get too close to the compressor.

When there is not enough empty space around the condenser, the unit cannot function efficiently, and in the end, this ends up costing you money. Many homeowners like to build a screen around the compressor unit.

Having a compressor installed in a location that receives direct sunlight can reduce efficiency by 10 percent. These are some bits of information that most homeowners don’t know. If you need help applying this information or want to find out more about our services, call us today.