Air Conditioning and Heating

How to Determine When it’s Time for AC Replacement

Most homeowners have paid a lot of money for their home’s air conditioning system. It only makes sense to want to get the most out of an HVAC system.

Homeowners would like for their air conditioning system to last as long as possible, and they want to avoid AC replacement Dallas. The longer the HVAC system lasts; the greater the ROI. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end.

Home appliances might last for many years, but eventually, they’ll need to be repaired or replaced. Fortunately, homeowners can watch for some simple signs, which indicate the need to replace the HVAC system.

SEER Rating

All air conditioners have what is called a SEER rating. About seven years ago, all air conditioners were required to have a SEER rating of 13 or greater.

However, many homeowners have air conditioning systems that are much older than seven years. All homeowners who own an AC system that has a SEER rating that is less than 13 should have their AC system replaced.

Systems that have a SEER rating less than 13 are using too much energy and costing homeowners money. By having their AC system replaced, homeowners can help the environment and pay less money for energy.

Too Old

A number of homeowners have an air conditioning system that is 15 years old. Some people own a system that is even older than that. On average, AC systems have a lifespan of about 15 up to 20 years. However, to continue operating for 15 to 20 years, air conditioners must receive proper maintenance.

Over time, many new air conditioning systems have been created, and most modern systems have excellent energy efficiency and use much less energy than older models. Homeowners who own an air conditioning system that is 15 or older can benefit greatly from having the system replaced.

R22 Refrigerant

New regulations prevent the use of R22 refrigerant. Unfortunately, this type of refrigerant has a negative impact on the environment, so by 2020, R22 will totally banned.

The price of R22 refrigerant is skyrocketing, so homeowners who own an air conditioning system that uses this type of refrigerant should consider getting a replacement. By having their current R22-based HVAC system replaced, homeowners can save money and help protect the environment.

Rising Energy Costs

Another sign that it’s time to replace your air conditioning system is an increasing energy bill. Although the average price of energy is on the rise, homeowners should be able to tell if it’s their AC system that is causing them to pay more.

If a unit is receiving proper maintenance, it shouldn’t cause the energy bill to rise every month. If your energy bill is rising every month, it could be a sign that you need to have your air conditioning system replaced.

Less Comfort

The purpose of an air conditioning system is to make a home comfortable. It filters air and maintains a comfortable temperature. Homeowners who find hot or cold spots throughout their home should consider getting their AC system replaced.

However, before having the system completely replaced, it’s important to make sure it’s getting proper filter changes and similar maintenance. These are just a few of the signs that might indicate it’s time to replace the AC system.