AC Upgrade in Lewisville, TX

Situated north of the Dallas Fort-Worth Metroplex, Lewisville is considered to be the recreational hub of DFW due to its proximity to Lewisville Lake. After construction of Lewisville lake finished in the 1950’s, the city began to grow rapidly – earlier than many other cities in North Dallas. A majority of the homes in Lewisville are older construction and HVAC systems can easily be over two decades old. Lewisville is our second most covered service area, its close proximity to Carrollton allows us to reach a majority of homes within 10 minutes.


In early 2016, we were called out to a cape cod style home, built in the late 1950’s. The customer complained of high energy bills and that a lack of airflow resulted in the only cool areas, directly in front of vents.


During an initial inspection and free service call, we determined that this home had a very old AC unit, which would require multiple costly repairs. The lack of airflow was caused by ductwork complications and an undersized unit for the home.

Duct systems may be incapable of circulating conditioned air, preventing the AC system from performing effectively or efficiently. Comprehensive house changes or additions can expand square footage without a compatible HVAC. An undersized unit that is constantly kicking on to keep up with the heat of a Texas afternoon can also put stress on components, decreasing the lifespan.


The solution for this Lewisville family, was to completely replace and upgrade their existing AC. A new Trane XV20i variable speed cooling/2 stage heating system and a variable speed blower in the furnace was installed on the weekend. Additionally, ductwork modifications were made to more evenly cool the home, and allow for the new HVAC to be properly sized.


Replacement with a top of the line super high efficiency air conditioning system decreased the customer’s energy bills by 30-50%. A new wifi thermostat also cut costs by allowing the customer to control their AC while they were away from home.