Frisco Air Conditioning Replacement

A booming Texas suburb, north of the Dallas Fort-Worth Metroplex, Frisco, TX was considered the fastest growing city in the 2000’s. Made up of a majority of newer homes, Frisco was named the “Best Family-Friendly Town” by Dallas Child Magazine. Frisco is a frequent service area destination for the Lex Air team. We are often handling A/C repairs in the area, and co-owner Anthony Contreras is in the process of building a new home in town.


A family new to Frisco, called us because of a major problem with their air conditioner. The client explained that the unit did not cool the home if the temperature was over 95 degrees. Living in Texas, this is a problem since the average highs in July and August for the Dallas area are 96 degrees.


Upon closer inspection, we found that the family’s unit was inefficient and the capacity was too small for the home. For a new unit to be properly sized, the ductwork would need to be upgraded. The family was also having a lot of issues with allergies, since moving into their new home.


The final solution for this family was A/C replacement with a new high efficiency system with duct modifications and properly sized refrigerant piping. Specifically, a new Trane XL 18i two stage cool/heat system with a variable speed blower in the furnace. A Trane Clean Effects Air purifier/ionizer filtration system was also added to help the family resist seasonal allergies.

An A/C unit filtration system with a high Minimum Efficiency Rating Vale (MERV) can help protect children, pets and adults from many different types of allergens, including: pet dander, textile particles, spores, auto emissions, air pollutants, pollen, dust and other contaminants.


After the replacement of this family’s old unit, Lex Air was able to put in a new air conditioning system that was more efficient, properly supporting the square footage of their home. The new A/C, doesn’t struggle to function in the hot summer temps of North Texas. With the new Clean Effects filtration from Trane, this family can further enjoy clean and purified indoor air.